Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Their very own making

Cate’s mother passed away this week at age 95 and Cate went home to be with her during her last few days. I am going on Monday and will be away for a week or so.

I am flying economy on United but have upgraded to Premium Economy at a cost of $800. For this I get the seats I used to get flying economy. 

This sort of stuff used to make me cross but now it is like water off a Badger’s back. Once you get accustomed to flying in the USA you can take anything without flinching. Even now there are armies of airline people plotting more things to make life a misery for travelers. 

I am heartily sick of the primaries and just wish we could get the nominations sorted out so that we can get on with Hillary being President.

With any sort of luck The Donald will get the required votes and will be automatically nominated as the Republican candidate. 

Hillary with then slaughter him at the election and the Republicans will disappear into the gruesome slime of their very own making. 


  1. Can only hope your crystal ball is right! Condolences to Cate.

  2. Please send Cate my condolences and a hug when you see her next.

    Trump finally used a teleprompter to sound more coherent on his foreign policy speech and got rave reviews. The really funny part would have been to see him immediately repeat the speech without the aid of the teleprompter, a speech probably composed by a team of handlers. Oh, the madness of a dark heart and a tiny simple mind combined with a limited vocabulary fueled by narcissism under a layer of orange hair in an expensive suit. When will there be arm bands?

  3. So sorry for your loss, take care on the cheap seats and be safe. I upgraded to the comfort seats on the Delta 767 to Orlando and I am so glad I did. It was the most uncomfortable seat I have ever sit in so I must surmise the regular seat was on the lav floor behind the door while people were peeing.

  4. Sandy: I am quite sure about this one.

    esb: I will give her lots of hugs. The speech was a horrible mishmash of in coherent thoughts. The man is a buffoon.

    dmc: You always cheer me up when you talk about Delta.

  5. Condolences to Cate. She'll be glad of heaps of hugs.

    On this morning's news: the Trumpet has been accused of raping someone, sometime in the 90's. I daresay it will come to nothing. I shall be very disappointed if your crystal ball proves wrong, Badger.