Saturday, March 26, 2016

I will be out the back

We will see these when we are there
Well I am still absolutely ecstatic about my new Internet connection. I spend most of my time testing it. I did it just now and it was 105 mbps. 

Also the new modem I got from Bright House really pushes out the WiFi and we don't have any dead spots any more. You can almost feel it.

(Note to self: Check Google to see if WiFi gives you cancer.)

Sunday is another opportunity for airlines to give us hell. We are debating where or not we should take carry on luggage so that it wont get lost.

But Fogo will be so cold that we really have to take lots of warm stuff.

But is it better to be there with inadequate clothes - or no clothes? 

The Washington Post did an interview with Donald Trump - and he permitted them to record and publish the entire interview. It is a good read. Scary but good. 

This man is as dumb as a vacuum cleaner bag full of dog poo - and spouts so much gibberish that it renders his speech almost incomprehensible. 

He sounds like a  drunken halfwit with Tourettes syndrome reading every third word from Thomas the Tank Engine. 

If you want me I will  be out the back building a bomb shelter.


  1. When you are finished with your bomb shelter, my wife wants you to come build her one, too. I haven't gone looking for the interview yet.

    1. I watched and listened to some of the Washington Post interview. It doesn't really change how I feel about Trump - I have been totally against him from day zero, but it makes you wonder how he has amassed such a huge following. He is so vocally rambling and bouncy, his mind must be a mess. I guess some people are looking for a political mess-iah.

  2. My Great Aunt had a bomb shelter, in the north. I lived in the south where we hid under our desks during drills for nuclear attacks. Also tornadoes I think.

  3. esb: He would be an amazing president. Every day would be an adventure.

    fmc: I used to love those bits on TV when they said there is going to be a nuclear attack - hide under you desk!