Thursday, April 28, 2016

How would I know

When Cate went to Australia a week our so ago she went only for a few days so took carry on. She was overtaken by events and is still there - so I have to take some more clothes for her. 

So this evening we hooked up via FaceTime and I prowled around her dressing room while she gave me instructions as I used the camera to show her the vast collection of clothes - all of which look pretty much the same to me. 

No not that one - the one next to it - no on the left not the right - no that’s not it I want the black one - does that look black to you (yes) really do you think I could wear that to a funeral - (How TF would I know?)

OK that’s the one. Now I need some stockings. 



  1. My closet is slightly smaLLer than that.

  2. Men do not understand women's clothing. There is not any common ground.

  3. I have recent activity that indicates I must be Australian: my wife asked me to draw a somewhat randomized swirl pattern for part of a project and it came out looking like an abstract kangaroo.

  4. ESB: Mine is MUCH smaller than that.

    fmcgmccllc: That is very true. It has always been a complete mystery to me.

    TNDW: It is the highlight of our home tour for visitors.

    esb: At their heart everyone is Australian.