Friday, April 22, 2016

I will try to do better soon

I Must apologize for my appalling blogging performance but …you know….things. 

I now have my photos down to 35,000. This means that I have deleted 31,000 manually. I have tried three different duplicate removers and none works. When I look at the characteristics of duplicates I find that they are completely different. 

I could investigate this but who cares.

I am on the home stretch as I should get down to about 29,000. On the way through I have marveled at how many really bad photos I have taken.It almost seems incomprehensible how anyone could manage to consistently under-achieve - but I have managed it. 

On Tuesday we went  to Kentucky to be interviewed for our Global Entry status. We were approved on the spot which means that we can (theoretically) get into America without going through the excruciating immigration process. 

But we know how the bureaucracy works so have no great expectations.

I have the worst hay fever of my life and am taking an extraordinary number of things to try and alleviate the ghastly symptoms. 

I want to be one of these people on TV who have red eyes, the sniffles and non-stop sneezing - but they take there Magic Whiffo tablet and here they are with clear blue eyes and running a marathon. 

But of course it is all rubbish. You do the best you can and tough it out. 

Politics has vanished on cable and there is now 24 hour coverage of the death of a man called Prince. I have never heard any of his music but apparently he was a genius.

This happens to many musicians after they die. 

I do know that he wrote ‘Nothing compares to U’ which was sung by Sinead O’Connor and which I think is a masterpiece.

Perhaps I should listen to his music. He apparently released 59 albums - where to start!

I will try to do better blogging soon. 


  1. Sorry you're suffering from hay fever. Although I don't have that Lynette does, and she's suffering along with you.

    I never was a Prince fan, but his album "1999" was good enough that I bought it back in the day. "Little Red Corvette" was my favorite song.

    And it's great seeing you back! Seeing your update on my bloglist made my morning!

  2. I hear you Badger! Just checked and haven't blogged for 25 days. My new year's resolution fell by the wayside. With me it is sinus problems and I figure if I ignore it, it will go away. Doesn't but I'm becoming used to feeling sinusy I think. A friend told me of a wonder drug called Armaforce for her sinus infection, available without script. Not sure it works for hayfever. Good luck with it. Prince who? I wondered.

  3. I went through two weeks of extreme medical misery, maybe the worst I have had in about five years. I think the Mucinex D was finally the right thing after trying several.

  4. I personally love Zyrtec. You will love Global Entry.

  5. ALL: I wrote a whole bunch of replies and Google deleted them. Sorry about that.