Thursday, April 7, 2016

I would go before the dog.

I got a letter from AT&T today saying that my data level has been increased because I am such a good customer. This is after I cancelled AT&T two weeks ago because they have such a crappy service.

My Bright House is brilliant. Checked it yesterday - 112 mbps - Swoon. 

I saw my neurologist yesterday. He was mildly interested in my migraines and said keep taking the medication to deal with them. 

He did say that I looked very well and he made me touch my nose with my fingers. This is apparently a foolproof medical test for something. The doctors did this often when I was in hospital after my brain surgery. 

I said isn't there anything I can take to stop the headaches from happening and he said sure take this stuff. 

If it is like all the other stuff I have been prescribed it will make me seem like Ben Carson and I will be so lethargic as to be almost comatose. 

I told him that I would give it a try but that really my migraines are not severe and I can deal with them - and have been for 30 years. 

But I did try Butterbur - and this is good and I also have a jar of ginger to try and will start this shortly. 

Cate has decide that we need to do something about the front of the house so I have shopped around to find the most expensive landscape architects in Indiana.

It did not take long at all - and a nice person call Amanda has done some drawings and we will be going ahead providing I can get a good price for the dog.

This is a joke. I would go before the dog - and possibly before the cats - although I am not sure about Sissi. 


  1. It is always good to know your rank compared to the animals. I know that I rank higher than Pepper with my wife. I am severely dilapidated and under sedated that she might pick Cooper over me. My congestion crud got worse last night, so I have been sick since Saturday PM.

  2. I suggest you get better otherwise you may be outranked by cooper and pepper - although they cannot make delicious things on the stove like you can.

  3. I love home renovations, so much fun for us. Sorry for the headaches though, I used to have them and they are awful.