Thursday, March 17, 2016

Here we go

I can't understand where all the time goes. It has been a week since my last blog.

But if you really need to know what is happening my Facebook page is updated daily. I know I lead such a scintillating life and you should really know what I am doing all the time - you know like the Kardashians. But a picture of my bum is not likely to excite the Intenet.

But I arrived in Paris on Monday. It was not easy - it never is. So I was booked to travel business class with United and boarded the plane in good time in Chicago and sat in 6C and had a nice glass of Chablis. After some time we were told that the plane was not working and that we had to 'deplane'. We did this and sat sullenly in the lounge for a while and they said that a new unbroken plane would arrive at 10:00 pm.

Which it did - but it was much smaller and I found that I was now in steerage in seat 25C.

I was most unhappy about this so to show my displeasure - when they announced boarding - I tripped over my bag (or someone's bag) and crashed head first into the floor. Fortunately my nose absorbed most of he impact but I finished up quite bloody.

I apparently became unconscious and when I surfaced I was surrounded by eight people wearing uniforms.

So I sat there while paramedics examined me and decided whether or not I could fly. I voted yes. They eventually let me board where I sat and sulked for eight hours.

But it is great to be back in Paris. I have no idea how many times I have been here. Maybe 60? Remember I worked for a French bank. But I always love it and seem to be able to pick up French again as soon as I arrive. The taxi driver was concerned about my hideous appearance and wanted to stop at the pharmacy but I told hm I was a doctor and could administer my own treatment. I kept my beanie on so as to hide most of the wounds and stop the blood from dripping on his seats.

My hotel is much nicer than the one I stayed in last time. It has air conditioning that works and is very quiet. It is about 20 minutes walk from Molly's apartment and I just love walking in Paris. It s a nice area with lots of restaurants. It is not at all seedy although I was asked by a very tall and good looking black woman if I would like to see her apartment.

I was really tempted by the thought of going upstairs with her and being beaten to a pulp by her large husband who would steal my wallet and dump my comatose remains in the back alley. But I thought - nah just go home and have a quiet drink. If need to be robbed and trashed I can just go to Pigalle.

I have met my youngest grandchild and he is just gorgeous but is pretty useless at the moment. We took him to an exhibition by a Japanese photographer but he was not much impressed. Indeed nor was I. Whenever I go to a photographic exhibition I always think that my photos are much better. Perhaps I am not a good judge.

Cate arrives tomorrow. The fridge is full of wine.



  1. Facebook?!?!?!? I thought you had dropped FB a long time ago....

    1. I was just watching the 9th episode of Baskets on FX, it is the most time-in-Paris of the season so far. Have you heard of Baskets? It is turning into one of my favorite things on television.

    2. I hope you are okay. One of our friends fell around the time of the Super Bowl, bumped her head, and she died from her injury about a day later because they had sent her home from the hospital without a proper scan (I think).

    3. What a cheerful chap you are, esb!

    4. Alexia: I found out from one of my renters that two old men were talking bad about me this week, talking about my level of craziness and hinted at my lack of patriotism. One of them is getting a restraining order most likely. But overall I am a cheerful guy, I just have a few folks who don't respect my property rights, but I have ran into that before as a landlord, and I'm sure I'll find it again soon. March has been maddeningly exhausting with two bad hot water heaters to replace.

  2. ESB: No I have not heard of baskets but will look. I took up FB again to keep in touch with my grandchildren. I am still alive but am now not so confident after your message.

  3. Good Lord! And they didn't take you out of steerage after that performance? I'll cross that off my list of ways to get a free upgrade then. Luckily, I don't think I have your dedication, or should that be deadication esb? I envy you your visit to Paris, love the place.

  4. Sandy: United always meets my expectations. They are very low.