Thursday, March 3, 2016

Perhaps I should start doing this

Alt Wien in VIenna
We have been here nearly three years and I still not have found a coffee we really like. 

Well that is not quite true - because I once did find a coffee we really liked. It was called ‘cafe noir’. I tried a few pounds and we really liked it so I started buying it regularly from Fresh Market.

They have a whole bunch of coffee there in barrels so you just get packets and fill them up.

Anyway I went there one day and the ‘cafe noir’ barrel was missing. There was a woman messing about in he coffee section so I asked her where the ‘cafe noir’ was and she said what is that?

I explained that it was the coffee I had been buying regularly - and she said they did not have it and had never had it.  She said she had been working there for some time and they had never had coffee called ‘cafe noir’. 

I thought briefly about arguing with her but then I thought - what would be the point - there was no ‘cafe noir’ so I needed to try something different. 

I have never seen her again either. 

Since then I have tried a few different types of coffee without much success. Some are adequate but we have never been able to get coffee that we like as much as we did the coffee we bought in Vienna - which we bought from Alt Wien. Our coffee was called Caruso and we adored it.

I have just bought some Colombian coffee from Fresh Market and we will see if we like it.

My son Lenny in Australia has started roasting his own coffee. He was doing it in a frying pan - which is apparently possible - but now has a small roaster. 

Perhaps I need to start doing this. 


  1. So hard to get a good coffee in country QLD. Having come from Melbourne where every little joint knows their coffee to a place where warm milk with coffee beans waved over the top of the cup is the norm - is very disheartening.
    (and yeah, I'm still hanging around, just went a bit quiet and lurky-like).

  2. I wonder how much work has gone into analyzing coffee for its flavor components through chromatography and mass spectrographic analysis. Maybe someday soon (300 years) they will have nailed down the ability to artificiaLLy -gasp- construct the molecules and blend a customized ratio. Actually I am now thinking hyp-know-sis may be a cheaper, sooner option.

  3. ff: Well I am please to report that there is now a number of places where we can actually get ';proper' coffee instead of the sludge they sell out of drums. And you are obviously an excellent lurker.

    esb: I think there has been a lot of study and it is ongoing. I will need to ask my son who now appears to be an expert. They can fake everything else - why not coffee.