Monday, March 7, 2016

There were no bodies to be collected

Really? That was the cat's bed you bought YESTERDAY?
Today the fence men are moving our fence. 

When we installed our fence we had to build it around a large tree at the back of the vacant lot next door.

The Real Estate Agent told us that there would never, ever be development on the lot next door because of  many reasons - to which we did not pay any attention. 

We did not of course believe her and waited only about six months for the notice of development to arrive. 

Anyway the man who is developing the lot pulled down the tree. We now have a wonderful view of the backs of the houses across the lane - and a splendid vista of the power lines. 

So the fence men are straightening the fence to take back the corner we used to go around the tree. We will then have about 60 square feet which Georgia will use for her personal needs, to dig holes and eat anything Cate plants.

On a happy note - when they do start developing this spring Georgia will have many things to bark at. 

At the end of this week we are going to Europe. Cate is going to London and then to Paris. I am going straight to Paris to see Molly and Gaston and Biggles and Bugalugs - who I have not seen before. 

I am staying at a new hotel this time and it has very good reviews. The hotel I stayed in last time was OK but very noisy and hot. I told them the air conditioner in my room was not working and they said yes it has been turned off for winter.

Can you turn it on? No!

Um… can you turn the heat down? No!

On Saturday night 15 shots were fired from automatic weapons about 50 yards from our house. We know how many shots there were because the police collected the cartridges. 

There were - however - no bodies to be collected. 


  1. Crikey! Shots being fired? You'd think you were in Ame- oh wait, you are.

    When we built our house in a newish subdivision which had sat for 4 or 5 years without any building happening, we thought it would be many years before all of the lovely vistas of green grass, trees and hills around us would be built out. That was 3 and a bit years ago. Guess what? There are houses all around us, some still being built and some finished, and only a few unsold lots. Grrrrr.

    Have a wonderful time in Paris and enjoy the new grandchild.

  2. What is the fun of having naughty-matic weapons if you don't hit someone? Wow, zero out of 15.

    I am glad you get to see the new grandchild. We will soon be attending the first BD party of our granddaughter.

    Life has been suDDenly become fast and furious here. Printing has picked up while another hot water died incompletely. I replaced it with an electric model, my first one in almost 33 years. So I am constantly eXhausted.