Monday, February 1, 2016

There is probably a reason

I see that Starbucks and Spotify have an app that allows you to listen to the music being played in Starbucks – even when you are not in the store. 

Now I have waiting for an app like this for so long that it makes my teeth ache.

How many times have I been in a Starbucks store thinking – gee I wish I could listen to this music when I was not in Starbucks.

OK I admit that it has never crossed my mind but someone has been out there making an app the does not seem to meet an unfulfilled need – as it seems that most of them do not.

Or perhaps it is just me. Perhaps this will be the killer app of the decade. You see at some stage I am going to find that the world is passing me by.

To date I have kept up with technology and music – apart from Rap and Hip Hop which makes no sense to me at all. But sooner or later I am just going to scratch my head and say ‘young people today!’

Actually I have already done this with young black men who wear their jeans round their knees with their underpants exposed to the world.

Now this really has had me perplexed - not because of fashion – I mean goodness me some of the stuff that fashion designers come up with would stun a bunyip – but the practicality of it.

See - they have to walk by shuffling their feet 6 inches forward at a time. I mean how can you walk when your knees are tied together with jeans?

But I am sure there is a reason for this just as there is for Karl Lagerfeld to always wear sunglasses and gloves. I mean apart from the fact that he wants to look like a drink waiter in an up market bordello.


  1. Soon we will be saying, "Middle Aged people today!" - at least you try to stay up with technology, know the word 'app' and have recently broadened your lifestyle to include Georgia. You have still got some youth in you ...

  2. Thanks for my first larf of the day!

  3. I also enjoy some rap music which astonishes my daughter BUT I too draw the line at the hangy down jeans and the shuffling. Perhaps they're practising for the chain gang?

  4. I once saw a young boy trying to run in the style of underwear/pants. It was hilarious.

  5. esb: I am not nearly as savvy as you are. I may have to come to Texas and say with you for a while.

    SK Waller: Always pleasure.

    Sandy: Interestingly the fashion apparently emerged in prison - it means my ass is available.

    fmc: Totally beyond my comprehension.