Thursday, February 25, 2016

Getting cross

Australia has one of the highest standards of living in the world. We have a minimum wage of $17.29 per hour. People who work do not have to get food stamps just to survive.

We have universal health care. Everyone pays a percentage of their wage for health insurance. When they get sick they go to a doctor or a hospital. When they do they know that whatever else happens they will not get bankrupted by medical bills.

When people become unemployed they get unemployment benefits. These are not cut off after six months so that they have to live in cardboard boxes and forage in rubbish bins for food. Sure they have to look for work - but if it is not available they are not punished.

We believe that women (and not old white men) have the right to decide what they do with their bodies. We believe in the right of the individual to choose.

We indulge the religious - of all varieties. They are allowed to do what they want to as long as they don't bother us. We do not bother them.

We believe in the dignity of people and their right to a decent life in a civilised society. This is why we do not treat them like vermin because they cannot contribute as much as we can.

OMG is this (shudder) socialism.

No it is Australia!



  1. And the best place in the world to live !

  2. And to think I have lived this long and haven't made it there yet. I will have to be content with my 'Inner Australia' and my Badger connection.

    (I think you wanted the words 'unemployed they' instead of 'employed the' at the start of the third paragraph.)

  3. Would love to know how much people and business are taxed. Are there homeless people. I have never read up on Austrailia, not good I know, but I am truly interested.

  4. Me: I agree with that.

    esb: Wait to we go back and then you can come and stay.

    fmc: Personal tax rates are higher - corporate tax is a bit lower - but just like here many large companies do not pay any tax.

    There are lots of homeless people but they can get welfare or unemployment benefits. There are many things wrong with Australia but it is more equitable for more people.

  5. Yea!!! I am hoping to make it to Indy ...

  6. esb, you can come down under and stay with Lenny and I anytime. I feel like i know you from all your comments on this blog and we both love dogs and whiskey so i'm sure we'd get along.

    1. I may have to run away from Trump if he is elected, and decides to hunt down anti-Trumps like me.

  7. yeah - it's a bit of orright.

  8. lenny: We will all have to come and stay with you if the Trumpet is elected.

    ff: Its YOU - and here was me thinking you had vanished.