Friday, February 12, 2016

I get carried away

Sometimes I get over excited about things.

I was getting to the end of the squirrel food so needed to buy some more. I buy this in 10 pound bags at Lowe’s - which has an apostrophe and I not sure why. But the last two times I looked they had none and I was getting desperate - I was down to my last 6 cobs .

I thought I may have to buy corn cobs from Amazon and I did not want to do this as they are very expensive and over-packaged. They come in colored boxes with pictures of corn cobs on the outside - and wrapped in plastic. The pictures do not look anything like the corn that is inside the box. The pictures show big fat golden corn cobs. What is in the box is a bunch of corn cobs that look like a family of squirrels lived in there with them

In desperation I looked again at Lowe’s website (see the apostrophe is OK there - oh wait should it be Lowe’s’) and they had 10 pound bags on special. And free delivery over $50. So I bought 60 pounds. Perhaps I overreacted.

Now that is a lot of corn but I think my squirrels are worth it because they give the cats hours and hours of - well I would not call it fun - but you know what I mean. Also Georgia likes to bark at them - in fact she likes to bark at everything.

She has gone to stay with Minnie and her dogs Rusty and Fiona. She likes this but does not get as many treats so comes home looking thinner and fitter. Minnie is a dog trainer and knows just how manipulative dogs can be. Well in fact so do I - but Georgia has such big brown eyes and uses them to excellent effect.

This morning we got up at 4:00 AM to catch a plane to Chicago and then to Panama City. There is also apparently a Panama in Florida - which I am sure would not be as hot as Panama City - and will have many fewer Zika bearing mosquitos.

I am writing this waiting for the plane to depart from Chicago. It is nearly 9:00 AM and I have not yet had anything to eat. We are leaving from terminal M - which is absolutely nowhere near the terminal at which we landed - so we had to go like the clappers to get here on time. It is a very long walk followed by a train ride followed by another long walk.






  1. You got me curious: Lowe's and Lowes Foods share history.

  2. "So we had to go like the clappers to get here on time. It is a very long walk followed by a train ride followed by another long walk" but then you are a glutton for punishment. Have a great time in Panama.

  3. Are you going to visit the military or line dance with the early spring breakers?

  4. esb: Well I did not even know about Lowes foods - which probably should be Lowe's foods.

    Merricks: It always seems like a good idea at the time but is ghastly when it actually happens.

    fmc: Well it seemed that large part of America suddenly decided that they wanted to see the Panama canal - and there were hordes of teenagers.