Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Does he need the money?

This Harpy Eagle has just been told that Donald Trump may be President
My Internet is cactus again. 

My maximum download speed over the last three days has been 1.3 mbps. I am paying for 12 and rarely get better than 9. But the service has always been lousy - and I was told before I came here that the Internet was lousy - so I was not expecting much.

I thought I might change providers but the only other one possible in our area is Bright House - which on Google ratings seems to be struggling to get even 1 star. 

Most Bright House reviewers say it is the worst service in America - but I could argue with that. I have no idea why it has to be so bad here - but Australia is no better. 

But I had a nice online conversation with Conrad at AT & T who apologized a lot for the problems and said that he would send someone to fix it almost immediately. I think Conrad spends a lot of time apologizing. 

But there are many other important things to worry about. 

Robert De Niro has just appeared in a film called “Dirty Grandpa”. This has been rated by Rotten Tomatoes  as one of the worst films of all time - and got a one star rating. The critics consensus was:

Like a Werther's Original dropped down a sewer drain, Dirty Grandpa represents the careless fumbling of a classic talent that once brought pleasure to millions”.

(I think they mean ‘who’ instead of ‘that’ but I am being picky).

Now I know that they (those Hollywood people!) have to make films like this but what is the name of the Shrieking Puffins is Robert De Niro doing in it? 

He was a serious and brilliant actor. Nay - a towering giant of an actor - and for the last 10 years he has been appearing in some rare decent movies - interspersed with gruesome schlock. 

Meet the parents? Spare me. Does he need the money? 

I would be prepared to contribute to ‘go fund me’ if it would stop him from doing this rubbish. 

I mean I used to be ’the man’ and now I spend my time cleaning cat litter and picking up dog poo - but even I would never appear in a film called ‘Dirty Grandpa’. 


  1. What was he thinking? Who would even bother to go to see a film called "Dirty Grandpa"?

  2. Alexia: About 100 million young Americans.

  3. Did you hear there is a fund me fu** me account for Kanye? I think they are all bonkers. I will just continue to watch the oldies or the new best of the best. Although I am enjoying the OJ thing, Big Daddy turned around and asked me if those people were the same Kardashians on the TV. Har Har Har.

  4. You can star in "Cleaning Grandpa".