Monday, December 8, 2014

They hate the new seed

So Cate registered for the Jordan walk today - and paid money - and is now committed to it. On the weekend she walked 12 miles on Saturday and 12 miles on Sunday around Indianapolis.

She spends a lot of time pounding along on the treadmill at home and can program where she wants to walk and watch the streets of London or Paris go by.

Now we have to book flights and I have to be in Petra to meet her – or what is left of here – when she arrives. We watched a DVD about this walk recently and it does not look like something I want to do – even in a car.

However – only one person died on the walk so that is not bad odds. Some people run – at least they start off running but after 20 miles it is sort of a staggering stumble – punctuated by short stops to vomit.

She has start drinking protein smoothies so yesterday we went to Costco and bought a Vitamix. This cost about as much as a small car but the man demonstrated that you can blend a whole pineapple – skin and all - so it is very powerful. It also makes soup and pancakes and will probably mulch the leaves if I take it outside.

The birds hate the new seed and stay away in droves. Even the squirrel only picks at it without much enthusiasm so I will probably have to go back to the one they love.


  1. Petra! Oh you are lucky. #1 on my bucketlist (without the vomit) and probably the least likely to be completed.

  2. Hey! I managed to comment without proving I'm not a robot! Happy days...

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  4. My son just gotta new blender machine. I hope it wasn't eXpensive. I can't even begin to understand how one could put a whole pineapple in a machine, it doesn't sound sanitary. Okay, I am going to attempt the I'm not a robot ...

  5. I love your sensitivity to meet the needs and flavor desires of the creatures.

  6. Wow! Your blog is reaLLy broken on my iPad, maybe other devices. I can open the most recent blog post but if I try to scroll down something causes the web browser to jump over to some advertisers web page, crazY!!!!-ness.

  7. Sandy: It sounds bit hot and dusty for me but I will try and find a swimming pool. The CAPTCHA thingy is quite weird.

    esb: Well apparently pineapple skins is good for you. But why you would want to blend a whole one beats me. We are all God's creatures and need to look after each other.