Thursday, December 18, 2014

The grittiness starts a few blocks away

I was on my front porch yesterday and a car pulled up and out jumped a man. He came towards me saying IMPD (Indiana Metro Police Department) and flashing his badge and I thought ‘this is it – I am being arrested for Atheism’ but no – he said he was going to sit outside the house for a while in the unmarked car to see if he could catch thieves who were stealing parcels off porches.

There is a lot of this around here – as well as other theft and car break ins. Our area is not particularly gritty but the grittiness starts a few blocks away and we feel the effects.

The people over the road have got a really big wreath with lights on it. This is just to shame me. I may sneak over there one night and set it alight.

I did another run to Costco yesterday because you just cannot have too much wine or kitty litter. You can buy a car from Costco now – it won’t be long and they will be selling houses. I got overexcited when I was there and bought underpants and sox. There are lots of things I could have bought but don’t need and I find it difficult to restrain my self.


  1. I don't know which would be worse, being arrested for a theism or for Atheism. As long as when you get out of jail they aren't confused with the words, "I'll be heading home now."

    I found the revelation from the policeman interesting. You could have been the local ringleader for aLL the neighborhood thieves and he just revealed his mission. Maybe you were secretly on an episode of the filming of Fargo season two and they didn't bother to teLL you.

  2. The fact that he let you know that he was going to be doing a stake out is way better than having a dozen cops surround your house armed about to do a drug bust on your neighbor's house, believe me, this really did happen. And the only thing the cops said, was "get down." This is north Minneapolis, Minnesota mind you.

  3. esb: : Well I was wearing slippers so I did not look threatening.

    Trin Carl: Well this happens a lot here too - but not around us.

  4. Big Daddy worked on the WalMart car for a few years but that died a slow death. I just adore Costco.

  5. I have neVer been to a Costco. There aren't any near me.

  6. What a contrast, that pile of snow and the actual weather around here! I just got home, laden with food to last two and a half holidays, and wished I had left my coat at home. Splendid sunshine, temperatures warmer than allowed this time of the year. Cate would be very unhappy! ;-)

  7. fmcgmccllc: A Walmart car?

    esb: You really must see Costco.

    Merisi: Yes it has been stung here too. Certainly no snow for Christmas.

  8. Ah, the Graben, one of my favorite streets in Vienna.