Tuesday, December 23, 2014

It was harder than expected

Cate is in charge of Christmas dinner and at the moment there is a turkey being soaked in something with peppercorns and oranges. I have no idea what is going and have no wish to delve into this part of the Christmas proceedings.

She is off on her 16 mile walk at the moment but before she left she asked me to polish the toaster and the kettle. I just don’t know how they get so dirty but I have this fabulous stainless steel cleaning stuff which works wonders.

Gwenyth arrives tonite but will not have time to make lamingtons and pavlovas. Because we are leaving for Alaska very early on boxing day we are having our Christmas dinner on Christmas eve.  I have loaded up my iPad with lots of Christmas music to keep Cate and Gwenyth company while they do dinner.

I finally finished culling my photos and reduced them from 29,000 to 20,000. There was lots of interesting stuff in there including 17 really bad shots of a marmot – and thousands of shots of things that were absolutely unidentifiable and could have been shot on Mars.

Anyway – they are now in order and in their right folders – which was harder to do than it should have been because we share photos with Gwenyth and she had the wrong date in her camera for 12 years. So for example we went to Finland in 2010 but Gwenyth’s photos are dated 2004.


  1. 2010 or 2004, what's the difference? *duck&run*

    I think I can remember when you shot that one picture! ;-)

  2. I don't remember your vacation to Mars, so I wiLL have to read your entire blog again to see what I missed.

    We already had Christmas dinner on the 21st, so I guess it was reaLLy a Solstice Supper. I feel aLL Druidy now. I took the occasion to take a break from science reading to read a little about Stonehenge.

  3. At just about opposite ends of the Earth... I am in Hobart, staying with very good friends who are doing their level best to destroy my liver. For Christmas Day we have bought in supplies of red, white and bubbles, gin, vodka and scotch. Bit short of tonic but I'm told the pub which is stumble distance down the hill is open 365 days even if not 24 hours! And there is brandy for me and I've two bottles of Schweppes ginger ale. We haven't bought any beer yet, but Hobart is not always hot enough to warrant slaking one's thirst.

    Oh, and yes, we do have a suitable stock of comestibles.

  4. Merisi: It does not matter unless you are trying to sort photos by date. You would never be able to sort your millions.

    esb: The 21st is getting in really early. You will be able to relax and read on Christmas Day.

    Annie: You do need to eat occasionally - especially when guzzling large amount of alcohol. Hope you have a wonderful time.