Tuesday, December 2, 2014

There may be a penalty

It is freezing here and we had a bit of snow today. Monika spends most of her time lying on top of the heating vent. I was going to rake some leaves to today but they will be wet and snowy.

I am trying the birds on some new bird seed. This is because it comes in 15 pound bags rather than the 30 pound bags which I usually buy from Costco. These are a bit hard to manage – but not as bad as the kitty litter which comes in 42 pound bags and at the moment and are quite beyond me.

Cate has got me using clumping cat litter. It’s not the cats who clump but the litter. Clumping cat litter sort of – well – clumps – and can be moved about in clumps. I first used this when we came to Indy and lived at Carmel. I hated the clumping stuff then but it is sort of growing on me. Anyway Cate – even though she is not the designated KL person – insists that I use it – so I am.

I ordered our Christmas tree to be delivered on about 15 December but we have discovered that this is far too late. The neighborhood is festooned with trees and wreaths and lights and we feel quite left out. Besides – we do not wish to be known as the people who do not celebrate Christmas as there is probably a penalty for this type of behavior in the mid west.

If people ask me which church I go to I just say that I haven’t found the right one yet. This is preferable to saying that I do not go to church and watching the looks of shock and horror on their faces as they fumble with their phones to call 911.


  1. Love the photo, yes church going and Christmas decoration are threaded quite tightly into the midwest mind set. I am just grateful to have my porch wreath up as the rest is lagging.

  2. That final paragraph... yes. I understand.

    We're decorating this weekend.

  3. fmcgmcclic: Yes we rushed out and bought a wreath. We don't want the neighbors complaining about us.

    SK Waller: Decorating - what fun. Please she photos.

  4. So, you are still church shopping! ;-)
    Stadtpark church was not bad, wasn't it?

  5. That is a veRy good response, "I haven't found the right one yet." It can be used in aLL kinds of situations where you would not like to give an eXact or lengthy reason, cool; or especiaLLy where your answer would be met with hostility or spit, instead of hospitality. Thanks.

  6. I was thinking of decorating with a single burned out red bulb duct taped to the front of my house on the eave, off center, of course.

  7. We are in the wreath business, too. It fits nicely into our seasonal light manufacturing section of the factory. After this we wiLL move on to Valentines Day items, and we recently finished up autumnal wreaths. There are also similar products such as giant candy canes made with wreath type materials and ribbons etc. There can be personalized choices of color, fabric and lighting as well. I have a tendency to stay out of this section and stay in the printing business.