Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Quite normal really

A CAPTCHA panel has appeared underneath my comments panel. Steph says it is a glitch – which at the moment cannot be undone. But I and others have noticed that you can comment without filling in the CAPTCHA block.

In any event – I refuse to comment on any blogs which have a CAPTCHA panel – and you should too. I will let you know when the problem is fixed. This will happen when Google gets around to it.


HBOGO has locked me out – again. This is a regular occurrence which my TV provider cannot fix. However I will waste an hour talking to them again and eventually they will put in a work order and one day in the future I will get HBOGO again. This is important because I need to see the last series of Atlantic City.

My health insurer is not paying some claims because the person who performed the work has not filled out the correct forms. I have written to the health service provider pleading with them to fill out the forms. My guess they will not be bothered and will eventually take me to court for non payment of the bills.

My six fire extinguishers have been recalled by the manufacturer. They won’t tell me why – which adds a frisson of excitement to the whole procedure.

I have discovered that if I use the gas fire in  my study it sets off the smoke alarms. Why did it not do this last year? Because last year the smoke alarms were not actually connected. It was not until my electrician mate Javier came one day earlier this year that this was noticed.

Things are quite normal really.


  1. I'm glad there were no fires last year when the smoke alarms were not connected !!!
    Hope they fill out the paperwork soon - what a pain !!
    Have the best day.

  2. I can finaLLy read your blog post.

  3. I have a separate carbon monoxide monitor as weLL as a smoke detector.

  4. Me: Not good for a wooden house.

    esb: Well done. I should get a carbon monoxide monitor - in fact I will.