Monday, December 15, 2014

It's just not edible

Duck person in Vienna
There is still no sign of any decent snow here which is most disappointing as we were hoping for a white Christmas.

Anyway the Christmas tree arrived and Cate hates it. It is apparently nothing like the one I got last year - it is not big enough and its branches do not hang down enough. It looks fine to me but I am no expert on Christmas trees so I accept Cate’s judgment and will do better next year.  I have put lights on it to try to mask its awfulness and if necessary will throw a blanket over it.

My two favorite magazines to look at when I am waiting in the supermarket line are the National Enquirer and the Globe. Admittedly I only read the covers but in recent times have learned that the Obamas are divorcing because Michelle spent $150 million on her trip overseas - Camilla has been kicked out of the palace - Camilla has also been made queen - Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip are divorcing – Angelina has found a new man and hordes of Hollywood personalities are cheating on each other, changing sex or dying.

I don’t believe any of that stuff – I think they make it up – but it does keep me occupied. I do worry that people may believe it but it is just part of the rich tapestry of life that gurgles along in America.

Cate is up to 14 miles per walk now and next weekend it will be 16 miles. She is also using the Vitamix to make smoothies with fruit, snap peas, cucumber and kale. Yes apparently people do eat kale. I had it once and it is exciting as taro. I have tried taro baked, fried, mashed and grilled and barbecued and it is simply not edible.


  1. There is a show on Netflix about ultramarathons through 4 deserts, titled Desert Runners.

    I notice those publications too. I can't believe they stiLL eXist for any length of time. At least when you read The Onion you know they have put in some effort to make it siLLy and entertaining.

  2. Sadly that rag known as the Enquirer has broken some real news, so you never know if the aliens are real or from Mexico.

    I am putting up my two old shitty phony trees just to see how bad they really are.

  3. Down here in the Antipodes we just head on out into the bush and bring home a tree...*

    That's an exceptionally good duck picture!

    *Actually, we have an artificial tree these days. Yes, I know, I know...

  4. Guess I'm out of the loop, but until I began reading your blog I had no idea one could order a tree to be delivered. I'd be afraid of what gets delivered, not picking it out myself. But this is moot since I bought a lovely artificial three years ago. It cost a small fortune, but it will have for itself around 2018. I do miss the fragrance of a real tree, though.

    I want to go on a juice diet. I got a juicer last summer, but haven't as yet used it.

  5. I just checked and it looks like you might get snow on Christmas Eve.

  6. I used to feel about parsnip the way you feel about taro. But I now think a roast without roast parsnip is no roast at all.
    I often wonder if these mags every apologise for getting it wrong???

  7. esb: Yes we have watched that - she still wants to do it.

    fmcgmccllc: Well I cannot assume they make it all up then.

    Alexia: Well i could get trees locally but have no way of getting them home. An artificial tree would be much easier.

    SK: See above

    esb: Excellent news

    Sandy: I agree - we often have roasted parsnip.