Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Who could ask for more than that

There are many important things in our lives – and one of the most important is coffee. And I mean good espresso coffee. This is not a common commodity in the USA and in Indy there are only three places – apart from Starbucks – where we have been able to find espresso coffee.

We never thought we would see the day when we would look forward to Starbucks coffee – but when the alternative is long-brewed sludge – it makes our hearts skip a heart when we see the familiar sign.

The problems are most acute when we travel. There are places in America (and I know you will this hard to believe) where there is no Starbucks presence. Gallipolis is one.

No – not Gallipoli in Turkey where the Australians landed in 1915 – Gallipolis in Ohio – where we stayed for a night last November. 

And no hotel we stay at ever has espresso coffee – without which we have difficulty starting the day.

We have decided to solve this problem by taking espresso coffee with us when we go on driving trips.

We are doing this in the form of a tiny weeny Nespresso machine. It is really too small to have been taken from its mother – but we will take good care of it.

So now – no matter where we go – we will be able to start the day with a Nespresso Ristretto.

Who could ask for more than that. 


  1. Well, let's hope Little Nespresso has been properly potty trained and does not leak! ;-)

  2. I want one. Where do you get your coffee beans?

  3. I wiLL have to investigate a purchase. I too, have been properly coffeeless at times on trips. Or should that be 'improperly'?

  4. Merisi: It has been well trained by the Nespresso people - I am very confident.

    Wanderlust: Well you have to buy the Nespresso pods - but it is very good coffee.

    esb: It is perfect size for schlepping around the country.