Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I am itching to try it out

Our lawns are a catastrophe and are so rough and pitted that since we moved in we have had to get a mowing service to cut them with a large mower.

But a lot of the worst part has been poisoned prior to being turned into a garden – and I have asked our garden person to patch the remaining parts of the lawn.

I can probably now manage the remaining lawn with a lawn mower – so bought one.

This arrived yesterday and I am itching to try it out. I did not do it today because I am cooking dinner for six tonight and cannot do this from intensive care.

It is an electric mower because I do not wish to mess about with mixing fuel – and – more importantly storing it in the garage.

There is of course a better than even chance that at some stage I will run over the cord – but I have checked and this will not electrocute me as the handle is insulated.

Our new TV has been installed in the bedroom. It comes with a keyboard. I do not know what I can use this for as I have not read the instruction manual – but I am excited by the prospect.

We are up to date with Game of Thrones and are praying that Tyrion will get out of his current fix – simply because he is one of the few people in the show that we can bear.


  1. Really love how you suffer through yet another TV show that has a few people you can bear! *giggles*

    Did you ever consider getting one of those robot lawnmowers? It sure as hell would annoy your not so orderly neighsbours every day for hours on end, humming and whirring along while mowing your lawn. You could have it run while you are watching TV! ;-)

  2. I have been working on my lawn prep, and it is barren dirt. The owner of the hardware store told me that I need to wait three more weeks before putting down seed. We were suppose to have 0% chance of rain but it has gotten veRy cloudy, so hopeful.... Cooper and I are eXcited that grape leaves have started so we can go out there in the early mornings.

  3. Merisi: We love it apart from the people we hate. The robot would disappear into one of the craters and never be seen again.

    esb: I wish you and your grapes the best of luck this season.