Thursday, May 22, 2014

Don't blame me

What I think of Tony Abbott
The birds are eating us out of house and home. I have had to restrict them to 2 pounds of seed a day – which they finish within an hour. These cannot be all local birds – some of them are fly ins from far flung places – maybe even Kentucky or Ohio.

The squirrels love their corn and are getting through an ear a day. This does not stop them from molesting the bird seed. The corn is cheaper than the bird seed. I may just focus on the squirrels.

Tonite I received our federal tax return which was prepared by the accountants. It runs to 68 pages. I am supposed to check it and then mail it to the IRS. It is totally incomprehensible. Mail it? What happened to electronic filing?

Perhaps the IRS is supporting the US postal service because it is running at such a colossal deficit.

The good news is that Uncle Sam owes us money.

We received our tickets to the Indy 500. They appear to be very good seats. We are in the B Penthouse. Apparently this means that we are under cover.

The people who got the seats told us that we are in the sun until about 12:30 and then it sinks slowly into the west. Cate said that’s OK – the race starts at 12:00 so we will be out of there by 1:00.

Not exactly I said – the race – at best – will last at least 3 hours – it is after all 500 miles. With guaranteed yellow flags we are looking at 4:00 PM.

This brought her to the brink of a nervous collapse and once more it was necessary to resuscitate her with Pouilly-Fuisse.

There is a website Stop Tony Meow. You download it to your browser and it replaces pictures of Tony Abbott with pictures of kittens.

This will be useful for all those who have been royally rogered by Tony’s recent budget – you know the one that was never ever under any circumstances  going to contain tax increases – but is stuffed to the gunwales with them.

Don’t blame me. I voted Labor.  


  1. When I see things like the Stop Tony Meow website, I love the internet all over again.

  2. Who knew it was that easy to replace Tony with kittens - a much better and probably more honest option !!!
    Have the best time that you can at Indy 500.

  3. Now I know why those birds outside my window are so loud early in the morning: They read the latest about that bird wonderland on the other side of the pond! ;-)

  4. I finaLLy saw a blue jay in my front yard, it has been a long time. I thought of the blue bird scene from the movie K-PAX but there was no one at home besides Cooper, so I didn't go frenetically running through the house screaming "Bluebird!".

  5. I read somewhere you are not supposed to feed birds in the warm months, screws up their seeking and finding skills I believe. That could also be a viscous rumor. Tell Cate in those seats she should have excellent access to restrooms, good wine and some tasty nibbles. The time will fly by. Also, she should keep her shirt down. I am positive she is the sort that would always know proper decorum-but the excitement of being with the racing crowd at Indy---who knows what could happen.

  6. Wanderlust: I do so agree with you. I love finding stuff like this.

    Me: If only kittens could vote.

    Merisi: I think some of them are already here.

    esb: You must have a good garden for birds?

    fmcgmccllc: Yes I checked - you are right about the birds - I will cut down on the feeding.

    SK Waller: You will be surprised by her reaction.