Monday, May 12, 2014

Ungrateful little blighters

Mt Hood
The dinner for Cate’s colleagues was successful – apart from the Patates Brava. They apparently tasted OK – but they looked disgusting. I checked the recipe – and I made them the right away. Perhaps the person who invented the recipe was short sighted

My second key lime pie was better than the first – and the graham cracker pastry was not quite the complete shambles it was the first time.

But surely there must be a better way to press pastry into a baking dish than with your fingers. I will ask Williams Sonoma if they have a machine that does this. Of course you can buy ready made graham cracker crusts – and I can just imagine what these taste like.

I managed to mow the lawn without doing any damage – but it was tough going. Garden person sowed some seed last week and I am hoping this sprouts quickly to fill in the gaps - some of which are almost as big as the potholes in the streets here.

I installed a squirrel feeder to take some of the pressure off the bird feeders. I bought some special corn which is supposed to be a squirrel magnet.

Of course they ignore it completely - and in fact walk around it to get to the bird feeders.

Ungrateful little blighters.


  1. Hilarious, the rodents are ignoring their food.

    All the best cooks say their hands are their best utensils. I always check people nails for this reason.

    I am listening to the freighter blow their horns as it is quite foggy on the lake.

  2. Maybe it is truly magnetic and being North Pole-South Pole, maybe you installed the squirrel food backwards.

    I am s'pposed to be going on a date right now but my wifey fell asleep! It is 4 PM and she has had a long week but she has already done nothing all day yesterday. Meanwhile, I starve. Hmmm, advice?

  3. Suburban nineteen-sixty-something housewives shaped those crusts with a spoon, Badger. Not artisanal, I realize, but it's a product of the hula-hoop, jell-o and electrolux era after all.
    Mom preferred a fork. I can attest to the satisfactory result.

  4. fmcgmccllc: I guess I just need more practice.

    esb: Perhaps I should put it on the other side of the tree. Then I won't see whether or not they use it - and will stop worrying.

    feuillet: Thanks - I will try a spoon and a fork - I think I would be good with a fork.

  5. I always "cheat" when I make a Graham cracker crust and throw the crumbs and all into a 2 gallon Ziploc bag (I know, environmental crime - you could try to take some of the plastic bags they offer at the meat counter at Costco's, they are even better sizes). Close the bag and distribute the crumbs evenly all over the bag, then run a rolling pin (a bottle of good wine will do, too) over it to flatten everything evenly. At that point carefully open the (imaginary) zipper and slice open two more sides of the bag. Now the rolled-out crust is lying on a large sheet of heavy plastic. Put the pie-form over the crust, slide a hand under the plastic sheet and quickly turn over crust and pie-form. If you are lucky, most of the crust is at the bottom of form. From there, pick up the (evenly thick *yeah*) piece of crust and slap them on as needed to finish the crust. Comprende? ;-)