Monday, May 26, 2014

We are both surprised

I had a great time at the Indy 500. Not only that – Cate had a great time at the Indy 500. She loved it.  We are both astonished by this turn of events.

It was an astonishing spectacle from the pre-race events to the event itself.

We had fabulous seats on the top level and in the shade – with a view of the main straight - the pits and turn 1.

I made ham and cheese sandwiches with raspberry and wasabi mustard. We washed these down with mandarin flavored mineral water.

On the way in Cate bought a pair of heavy duty ear muffs. I made do with the ear plugs given to us on one of our flights. These were not adequate and my ears are still ringing.

Cate says she would like to go again – but only if we can get good seats. This is not easy. Those who bought the more expensive seats have the option to buy them again the following year.

What happens is that everyone buys them – and sells them if they do not use them for themselves.

So the only way to get tickets is to buy them from one of the existing ticket holders – and of course an exorbitant price.

But I will see what I can do.


  1. Glad you had fun. Here in Detroit that is called ticket scalping, and it is against the law. People do it and if they get caught-forfeit the tickets. I don't think they go to jail anymore unless it is a large scale operation.

  2. I was worried that this may not go well,but glad to read that it did. We have attended the Preakness on a few occasions, one of the Triple Crown horse races, and have had mixed reactions depending on our tickets.

    Once upon a time ticket scalping was how many of us paid our bills as undergrads, by selling tickets to games we could not attend. 'Tis a shame it's gone professional.

  3. Surely Ducky Pharma can spring for a VIP Box?

    Problem sorted!

  4. fmcgmccllc: Yes it is a curse in Australia too.

    VictoriaK: Well I guess everyone has to make a living somehow. I will buy tickets from scalpers if it is the only way I can get them.

    nzm: They may have one - but probably for their clients.

  5. I was just hoping that you wouldn't be kiLLed. Mission Accomplished, success.

    Perhaps it was just a blue jay passing through, or it smelled my grapes in blossom. I think I might get grapes on 3 out of 4 plants this year, lotza clusters starting, never like this before. Everything hopeful was frozen off last year.