Thursday, August 29, 2013

What I found in our garden

A week or so ago I did some weeding in our side garden – which is a complete shambles - and pulled out a lot of grass that was growing there.
Fortunately I did not delve into the overgrown part because at this stage I really don’t know what are weeds and what are not. When Cate’s sister-in-law visited us recently from Washington DC she pointed out that we had poison ivy in abundance.
It had never occurred to me that we could have poison ivy lurking in our garden. I had assumed – and I don’t know why – that it was confined to forests and woodlands.
So I am going to get a gardener to come in and deal with it properly as I am sure that if I tried to do it the results would be catastrophic - and involve a hospital.
We are in our second (or is it third) week of temperatures in the high 80s and early 90s. On a brighter note some of the trees around us have started losing their leaves - so we know that Fall is on the way. Yes I now call it Fall instead of Autumn.
I have been told that I need to buy a leaf blower from Costco and I am looking forward to this as I have never had a leaf blower before. I have no idea where I blow the leaves – but assume it is into the neighbor’s garden.
I also need to start thinking about a snow shovel and any other implements I need for winter. I also have no idea what these might because I did not need any of this stuff in Vienna.
I will ask the man at the hardware store.  


  1. Leaf blower! Pfft! What's wrong with a rake?

  2. Ah, yes the tools of fall and winter. The leaf blower, the rakes, the shovels, the snow-blower. Big Daddy has a leaf sucker-upper and it mulches all the leaves and he spreads them on the garden to keep down the weeds.

  3. Lenny, I could not agree more! :-)

    I remember the days when leaves were raked the old-fashioned way. Wide open windows, a blessing after a long, humid summer, and raking leaves an autumnal ritual, done in almost regal quiet.

  4. lenny: Rake? That is not going to be nearly as much fun as a leaf blower.

    fmcgmccllc: Snow blower? I ha not thought of that. I had not heard of a sucker/mulcher but now I see what they are I want one.

    Merisi: I don't want to be the only one in Indy not making any noise.

  5. Agree with Lenny. Rake and mulch! Get a snow blower instead of a shovel, though.

    You'll thank me in February.

  6. I favour the leaf blower. They make a satisfyingly loud noise which often drowns out the neighbours screams as your leaves blow into their yard! Of course you face the possibility they will get a stronger, louder model. The rake may be more peaceful in more ways than one... :)

  7. SK Waller: I can't wait for my snow blower.

    Sandy: I am planning on buying the biggest and noisiest I can find.