Monday, August 19, 2013

We have lots to keep us occupied

We spent Friday and Saturday with our visitors shopping and investigating antique shops. These are my two least favorite activities – especially as antique shops never have Sad Bastard’s Chairs.

However – they were able to introduce us to two shops of which we were unaware. These were Tuesday Morning and World Market. Our visitors have lived in Washington DC for more than 20 years so know everything there is to know about shopping in America.

World Market – astonishingly – had both Australian made biscuits and Vegemite – so we were able to stock up. They had what were clearly Tim Tams - but were not called Tim Tams - strange. 

While we were there some locals asked the sales assistant where they could find ‘that black spread that Australians swear by’. I told them I had never met an American who ever wanted a second helping of Vegemite – but that they should try in anyway.

Cate is not working the hours she used to so we are able to indulge in some recreational activities – including television.

We are wallowing in the luxury of having Netflix and HBOGO – pleasures which were denied to us in Vienna. So we can now binge-watch some excellent TV – without commercials – which is the only way we are prepared to watch it.

So far we have watched the series ‘House of Cards’, ‘Orange is the New Black’, ‘The Killing’ and ‘Game of Thrones ‘ - plus others  - the names of which I cannot remember.

Game of Thrones has to potential to be very silly – but is strangely compelling. Peter Dinklage is brilliant and steals every scene in which he appears.

Our problem now is that we have so damned long to wait until the next seasons are released on Netflix and HBOGO – but we have lots to keep us occupied - including about 20,000 episodes of CSI. 


  1. Loved House of Cards. I forgot about World Market, there is not one close anymore.

  2. I liked the original, British, House of Cards best, but that's not saying I disliked the American remake.

    Currently, I'm binging on Midsomer Murders.

    So you found Tuesday Mornings and World Market. Have you found a Trader Joe's yet?

  3. The problem with vegemite for those new to it, is that usually they spread it too thickly. Even I don't like it that way. There is a new Vegemite out, not sure if it selling well but they've mixed it with cream cheese so is a strange coffee colour. I didn't mind it. My favourite way to eat vegemite is spread THINLY on toast over thick butter and topped with a soft poached egg or avocado. Sometimes both!

  4. Speaking of migraines: my mum used to suffer from them and bilious headaches, she seems to have grown out of them fortunately. BUT she often craved a vegemite tea when she was suffering. She said it made her feel better although didn't stop the pain. So try stirring a big teaspoon of vegemite into a cup of hot water. Hope you find something to help soon.

  5. fmcgmccllc: My favorite place in Indy is Fresh Market - it is even better than Whole Foods.

    SK Waller: Yes I agree about the original series of House of Cards. We have indeed found Trader Joe's - and love it.

    Sandy: That's exactly what I told the Americans who were buying it. I said to use just a smidgeon on toast. I will try the new Vegemite when we go back home on holidays.

    I will try the Vegemite migraine cure.