Tuesday, August 27, 2013

We are not hard to please

We enjoyed Michigan even though our bed and breakfast place was no where near the place we wanted to be – but that was because we booked late and that part of the world is very popular in summer.

Breakfast was not as I had imagined it would be. Day one was ‘French Toast Crème Brulee’ which looked gooey and ghastly. Day two was a Tortilla – which looked like road kill. So on both days I had fruit and what purported to be coffee.

We saw Saugatuck, Holland and South Haven and liked the latter the best because it had good espresso coffee.

We are not hard to please – espresso coffee and a bagel will make our day – but espresso coffee is not that easy to find in some parts of the USA.

Each of the towns we visited has an endless array of galleries and shops selling gruesome schlock for tourists. Naturally we tried to visit every one.  I also spent some time sitting in SBCs while Cate tried on clothes.

We found a couple of surprisingly good restaurants and some surprisingly bad roads. We traveled most of the way on US 31 which in some places is falling to bits.

We are planning on doing quite a bit of driving so I hope all US roads are not this bad. It is certainly a big change from what we were accustomed to in Europe. 


  1. Michigan has some of the worst roads in the US, there are many reasons and yes there is talk of our taxes and fees going up again to pay for new roads.

    Pretty picture of the lake.

  2. fmcgmccllc: the roads in Indiana were no better. The roads in Indianapolis are just terrible.