Monday, August 5, 2013

It's the year of popcorn!

We have been busy doing householder things. We had another rug delivered. The cats love our new rugs – they are so good for claw sharpening – and for sleeping on when they have done that.

The Indianapolis Star sent me a letter apologizing for the missed newspapers and enclosed two tickets to any Indianapolis Indians regular season game. The Indians play baseball. Cate thinks we should go but I am not too keen because I saw a baseball game on TV once and it did not excite me at all.

Still – it would be an experience – and as I cannot watch cricket any more perhaps I may just have to get used to baseball.

The Indiana State Fair has started and we almost cycled there on the weekend – it’s the year of popcorn and Indiana is America's second largest popcorn producer. 

We know exactly what will be at the fair - apart from popcorn - but should go for the experience – although the thought of the heat and all those people…….

Still – Cate is very fond of cows and other animals – having been raised on a farm -  so I am sure we will get there before it ends on 18 August.


  1. Lucky you can't get the cricket anymore. Wish I couldn't.

  2. Oh my God, the state fair thing, my fave is the pigs. Big, fat, red pigs are my absolute favorite. Baby pigs come a close second. We no longer have a state fair as our state is broke. Have a great time.

  3. aw, ya just can't get the real baseball experience in front of a tv. Ya gotta get seats way way up at the top of the stands, in the sun, consume many plastic cups-full of weak beer, eat tube steaks made of unmentionable animal parts (smothered with so many condiments that you won't even be wondering), and smoke countless joints until the very atmosphere is clouded with happiness. That's baseball. Don't forget to go home when everybody else leaves.

  4. The Ekka starts this week! But I haven't been for years as I avoid such crowds like the plague. Too expensive to go for just for the strawberry icecream anyway. Do they have sweet & salty popcorn over there? It is delicious... Enjoy the fair ... if you go.

  5. you should definitely be eating some pie at that fair!

  6. Cricket. We know who would still be jumping up and down for joy. ;-)

    I am a Red Sox fan.

  7. It has been at least 49 years since I have been to a state fair, or in other words, as long as I can remember I have neVer been to one.

  8. For heaven's sake, go to the game! I'm not into sports at ALL, but I love a day at a baseball park. It's not about the game as much as the entire experience: hot dogs, beer, roasted peanuts. And if you sit over third base, you might even catch a foul ball. I did once, at a Padres game in Las Vegas, and I even got the player who hit it to sign it for me. Yes, do go. It's fun!

    Fairs also have wonderful gardening exhibits--that's where I hang out most of the time, when I do go. Oh, and good food to eat at a fair? Anything on a stick! LOL.

  9. lenny: I must admit I am glad I haven't seen any of the Ashes series.

    fmcgmccllc: I will take some pig pictures for you if we see them.

    NanU: Sounds like it is not to be missed - perhaps we should try it - but without the joints - this is Indianapolis after all.

    Sandy: I have never been to the Ekka. I will let you know about the popcorn - I haven't tried it yet.

    TNDW: I tried key lime pie for the first time recently - fabulous.

    Merisi: Yes indeed he would! I think the Indians are not in the major league so thwy won't play the Red Sox.

    esb: I thought they would have wonderful state fairs in Texas!

    SK Waller: You have almost convinced me.......

  10. Thought of you:
    Mr. Bezos said he had been on the phone with the Post’s customer service for the better part of the day trying to unwind his mistaken purchase, but so far “they’ve really been giving me the runaround.”
    (Another guy having trouble with a newpaper's customer service)