Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I need to do more research

I spent some time on the weekend putting five IKEA bookshelves together. This took an extraordinary amount of time. The first one took about two hours - but I got better as I progressed through them.

I had quite a few bits and pieces left over at the end. I have managed to convince myself that IKEA provided me with extra things in case I lost any. The bookshelves look quite sturdy so I don’t think I have missed anything important.

We have now been able to get rid of the ancient IKEA bookshelves that we have had for about 20 years. These have been retired to the garage where they will become receptacles for things such as tools and bird seed and the very many items for which we cannot find a spot in the house.

The first thing I read each day in the Indianapolis Star is the daily prayer - so see what is on the agenda. I think they are going about it the wrong way – their prayers are too broad.

For example – a recent prayer was that all people should live in peace and harmony. Well that’s not going to fly. People have been slaughtering each other since the beginning of humanity and they are not going to stop that no matter how hard we pray in Indianapolis.

I suggest something more finite and focused. Perhaps we could just pray that the locals would stop murdering each other at such a rapid rate. There are astonishing numbers of murders in Indianapolis – it is in the top 10  US cities for homicides.

I am not sure why. I though this town would be nice and quiet – full of Republicans and God-fearing Christians. I need to do more research. 


  1. You have convinced me to prey more and prey harder. I might even commit a burglary and an armed robbery in the same day, it just depends on whether there is anything good on PBS.

  2. You've answered your own question. Murder seems to have been a byproduct of Republicans and God-fearing Christians for the last 2000 years. You're in America, where the police are called "peace officers" while brandishing firearms.

  3. esb: People here prey on each other quite a bit.

    Sk Waller: Yes quite right. It was a silly question in a State where everyone has at least two guns.