Thursday, February 23, 2012

Really - I am just fine

I think my last post made me sound lonely.

I am actually not. I am by nature a solitary person and am entirely happy with my own company - and that of two fine cats - and of course Cate when she is here. 

I have more than enough to keep me occupied when Cate is away and have no trouble filling my days.

I was merely pondering that my life is a bit unusual – but I am happy that it is the way it is.

So please don’t worry about me. I am just fine. 


esbboston said...


rozalin said...

*phew*..... was worried for a bit!!

esbboston said...

I have one particular diner that I go to probably 4 times a week on average that I enjoy, so that has been a big difference socially starting about nine months ago. It can be a bit smoky so I have to go alone, although my wife likes their food. I enjoy being alone with my dog at home, the quiet for several hours in a row.

nzm said...

Here's something to keep you busy, Badger: watch for the signs!

How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You

Me said...

Good to hear. I get how you enjoy your own comma because I am like that too.
Have a great weekend !

Me said...
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I miss Macau said...

Some people like to be with lots of people. Some people like to be with a few people. Some people like to be alone. All of them are perfectly normal = )

Sandy said...

Oh dear, I didn't think you sounded lonely Badger, now I'm worried I may be an unfeeling B**ch. Well I may be but you're fine, you are living the life most of us dream about.

Sandy said...

Ummmm, just realised I hadn't actually read your last post before I waffled on about how you didn't sound lonely. Well you don't, you're just an unusual guy..... Living that life.

simon said...

I like my own company too. ( F%^k! what was that noise????!!!)

fmcgmccllc said...

Some of us can be comfortable on our own, solitary is sometimes just fine. I am doing great here back at home by myself. Actually I am not pursuing lunches and outings yet, kinda happy just getting used to things.

Badger said...

Rozalin: no need for panic

esb: Quietness with cats is very relaxing

nzm: LOL thanks for that

Me: I understand completely and thanks

I miss Macau: Exactly

Sandy: I think unusual is the right word - living in a strange foreign world

Simon: Not everyone can be happy by themselves

fmcgmccllc: Hope you are settling in well back in civilization.

simon said...

true mate, but I can for real!