Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What do I do with my days?

Oslo to Bergen by train

My quietness of this occasion is due to my getting a cold – which I am hoping does not turn into what Cate has. She is still barking like a seal although otherwise is much better.

I think mine is just a cold which has manifested itself in the form of non-stop snuffling and sneezing and dripping - which makes it really difficult to do much at all. But I am sure it will pass soon.

I may have to postpone the putting together of Frau Knickerbocker’s cupboard because I am not sure I can focus on the minutiae of Ikea plans and I also do not wish to infect her with whatever it is that I have.

I get an extraordinary number of colds in this country and I just do not know why because I do not have that much contact with people other than when I go shopping.

Anyway – yesterday I had to lodge our new passport applications at the Australian Embassy and I had filled out my renewal form but because Cate has two passports Rozalin had filled out an application for a new passport and had done all that was required.

I started the process at 9:30 AM with my first trip to the Embassy. It is only a kilometre or so away so I walked there. I waited for half and hour then handed in my passport application – had it checked and then handed over €275 and I was done.

Then we started on Cate’s application.

All was fine until we got to the part when they required photo ID. Apparently the fact that they had Cate’s old passport was not enough. I needed more photo ID plus a credit card and bank statements.

I returned home somewhat crestfallen – but Cate was still there – having done some calls from home – so I was able to get her driver’s licence and the other paper work and I took this back. This time I cycled. By this time my throat was croaky and my nose was snuffly  – I knew I had a problem.

A new lady was there so we started again – and we had a few procedural difficulties with some of the forms that were provided. ‘I am not sure this is the current form I will need to check – you know that they change the rules all the time’ (Oh yes we know).

We were almost triumphant – except that Cate had not signed the application. Hmm---- that is a fundamental problem.

So home again on my bicycle – into the car and off to Cate’s work – Cate signs form - back home and onto my bicycle – back to the Embassy  - present signed document.

Pay €275 - Victory!

Time 2:30PM

And people wonder what I do with my days.

Why does Cate have two passports I hear you ask?

Because she needs visas for many places that she goes and has to lodge passports to do this – but still needs a separate passport to continue to travel.

But I still had time to make a hotpot for dinner and it was not bad at all.

And by the way – we are heading for a big freeze this weekend. We are talking -°14. Now that is my kind of weather! But still no snow. 


  1. Have you thought of consulting Dr Jameson? He's not my doctor but I'm sure he may be able to take your mind off your snuffles etc.

  2. You do entirely too much. I recommend a nap. For health purposes, of course.


  3. Part of my yesterday was spent learning водка, Smirnoff in particular, blending with V-8 juice.
    Chemists have solutions.

  4. I hope you feel better soon - seems like red tape is the same all the world over !!!!

    Love your picture today.

    Take care.

  5. yep, that beauracrazy (uh, that was a typo, but i'm leaving it that way because it IS crazy!) will get you every time. especially w/ anything they think they can charge you for. meh.

    hope you feel better, and cate, too!

  6. I need a Badger in my life. If you get tired of the old girl, there is space in the llama apartment for two (only (slightly) joking Cate).

  7. You mention hotpot. I like the name because it sounds winterlike. Is is from Vienna or from Australia. It probably is chinese though because I may have heard it in the context of china or mongolia, i forget which. Do you have the recipe. Pretty please. I like stews etc.

  8. a lat point for carmar76.

    I always have trouble with that word too and can never get it right, so here it is for you, and for me by the way.


  9. That sounds like a success to me -- they didn't make you sign it in blood afterall

  10. I am Crestfailin too, which means I can't find my toothpaste and toothbrush bag. I think they must be in my vehicle. Hope you are feeling better. I am fixing to make soup, almost have the sausage cooked.

  11. I must say one of the very few things that hubs company did was take care of the passports and pay for both of them with the associated Visas. I did almost end up in jail, but it was a very easy process.

    Badger hotpot must be different from China hotpot, could not imagine trying to make that at home. For starters, don't have a table with a gas burner buried in the middle.

  12. A chap I worked with many years ago never ever caught a cold or was ill.He had a drink every day consisting of around 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, 1 tablespoon of honey and topped up with water. This drink is quite palatable and definitely worked for him. It might be worth your while to give it a try.

  13. Annie: I will put some in my NeoCitran -excellent idea.

    Pearl: I have had many of those during thee last few days

    esb: Would it be better that DR Jameson as recommended?

    Me: Sure I will. Thanks

    carmar76: My fault really - it's all on the form I should have checked. Thanks for the good wishes.

    Rachel:Oh Llama you are such a tease I wish you would settle down

    Gary:I will link to a good recipe on the blog in a day or two. It is Australian.

    Glen: Not for what I had to pay

    esb; I like that pun.

    fmcgmccllc: Definitely an Aussie hotpot

    Curmudgeon: I could try that - and even adfd a nip of Jameson for extra protection.