Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Or is it just me?

I was not looking forward to round two with Frau Knickerbocker’s cupboard because we were getting to the bit where the doors had to be hung – but - saints be praised! – when I rang her today to say I was on my way to her place she said that the job was finished. Snapping Turtles! 

Apparently her neighbour had called in last night and had seen this contraption in the process of assembly – knew exactly what it was – and had put it together. What a wonderful person.

There were no bits left over and – I have checked – the doors open and close properly and unsqueakingly  – unlike any door I have ever installed in my life.

Frau Knickerbocker can thank her lucky stars that she was spared from my final assembly work and will thus have years of happy use from her cupboard.

Unlike in our house where it is a constant battle with doors and drawers that I have put together and just do not seem to fit properly.

But it is not for the lack of trying or attention to detail. I really do try hard but just do not get the hang of the plans they provide with these contraptions – inevitably put them together incorrectly and have to undo it all – and then they just never seem to fit together again.

I tend to lose heart because after studying the plan for an hour I will start bolting things together – but I just know that in the fullness of time they will be the wrong way round and that I will have to unbolt them again.

But I did learn my lesson. When we bought our desks I asked for someone to come and put them together. It was a pleasure to watch him in action and worth every euro.

Although I must say that when Gwenyth and I watched a video and then deboned a Turkey we did a damn fine job. Maybe that’s what they should have with these things instead of 40 page booklets – instructional DVDs.

Or is it just me? 


  1. I am thinking maybe Legos would help you. They do have some pretty fancy ones in the architectural series, I got one for my son on his last birthday. It was the Farnsworth House. And they also have lots of plans for robots and I've seen videos of factories made out of Legos that assemble Legos. Scary.

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  2. Don't listen to esb. :-) He's a rogue and an upstart!

    I agree with you, by the way: sometimes it is worth the money to have someone else do it. We can't all be good at these things!


    WV: messess. That's WAY more than the usual mess.

  3. Do listen to Pearl, she is a semi-rogue and a downstart (or upfinish on holidays).

  4. It's not just you.
    Just this morning I was lamenting the fact that every single light fitting in our house is crooked.

  5. It can't be just you. Too many ill fitting 'things' everywhere I look. How do you go with jigsaw puzzles???

  6. esb: A Leho wardrobe would be pretty special

    Pearl: My view exactly. I always get someone else to do this for me - then I can have drawers that open.

    freefalling: Mine subsidence perhaps or did you get our of bed crooked.

    Sandy: Hopeless with jigsaw puzzles - that could explain it.

  7. I have a problem with washers. They appear somewhere in the house and I never find out where they went missing. Something will come crashing down one day.

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  9. Merisi: I have a drawer full of washers and bits and pieces that have fallen off something.