Friday, February 17, 2012

Sorry - my life is boring

I just re-read my last week of blogs and my eyes nearly fell from my head with the boring crap that I have served up.

I must apologise - but the truth is that there is nothing happening here at all. Not that my existence is usually scintillating – but lately we seem to have dropped into an abyss of normality.

The only recent excitement has been that I got a new car next to me in the car park. It was from Slovakia and the owner clearly did not understand how the car park works because they parked nose first – just as I do.

Meaning that we both had to get out on the driver’s side. To illustrate the problem I have attached a photo of our car park.

However – the car park is so small that – so that there is room for both drivers to get out in the middle – the car on the left hand side has to park tail first.

This is so bleedingly obvious that it I figured that the driver must be a complete  nincompoop - or maybe the car had no reverse gear. The first option seemed to be the most likely.

I was reluctant to leave a note because you never know these days who is a bunny boiler - and this person was clearly not too bright – so may well have been unhinged. Having no wish to be hacked to death by a crazed Slovakian I was circumspect.

Perhaps I am being unkind – the car park is quite formidable and if you have not seen one like it before you could well become confused. I mean – in my early days – I had nightmares about his car park and in fact – with our first car – because it was so large – had to park by touch.

I still remember the sound of crunching plastic (years ago cars were made of metal) as I guided our first beast – the Queen Mary – into her berth. It was a steep learning curve. The car park was very small - Queen Mary was very big.

That was a rental car and I remember well the disappointment of the rental man that accompanied the handing back of the steaming hunk of plastic that used to be a fully functioning automobile. 

Anyway – I eventually snapped and left a very polite note – and Herr (or Frau) Slovakia mended his or her ways.

We now park appropriately and each has access for egress.  

I am also pleased to report that the plants on the terrace appear to have survived the recent frigid weather. I expected them to do what all other plants have done and turn up their toes at the first sign of snow but apparently my winter wrapping is doing the job.

It is early days of course – we have a long way to go until spring – but we have had some really cold weather lately and it does seem that they are made of sterner stuff than the plants we have had in recent years that died as soon as they saw a snowflake. 


  1. Yeah - but it's funny boring stuff.

  2. I guess I have never heard the term "Bunny Boiler", so I had to look that one up, but it still cracked me up laughing just as soon as I read it because I had correctly guessed the meaning. There is actually a wikipedia article on that term, eXplaining that it came from the movie Fatal Attraction.

    Wonderful "boring" stuff, I was hoping you were having a good week. We have been busier than normal with business stuff.

  3. Your life is hilarious, just sometimes mundane. I could never park there, it would be a disaster.

    All my plants are dead here at home. The kids killed them and them left them to sit on various surfaces. Some of them very high up so the cats could not eat the dead plants.

    I am afraid of what I will find outdoors.

  4. No matter what is happening in our life, love reading because there is ALWAYS a funny element in there somewhere !

    Love the car park story - we had a funny car parking experience in New York so I always like to hear of others car park stories !

    Good luck with the German lessons !

  5. Your life is boring but you interpret the events in your life in a hilarious manner. You make the best out of your life!

  6. freefalling: Thanks - but I will try to do better.

    esb: I have been keeping my head in German grammar books.

    fmcgmccllc: But at least you are home. That is the important thing.

    Me: The car park is a scary place - there is just enough room for the car.

    I miss Macau: Thanks - I do my best

  7. It's not boring at all! Your life is so different to mine and that is what interests me. You are grappling with the minutae of day to day life in a foreign country, which is actually fascinating to read about... but by god that carpark would give me nightmares!

  8. That car park would terrify me, and I'm not easily intimidated.

    Sometimes boring is good. Makes room for more great stuff!

    Man, I hate these new capchas. I have to flip through a dozen of them to find one I can actually read!

  9. I keep looking at that picture & I can't even figure out how that car park works. Is it like a car elevator? I see edges and no flooring. I would screw the car and take up biking again if that was where my car had to live. :(

  10. Kathryn: Yes being ion a foreign country does make it more interesting - and harder. And the car park does give me nightmares.

    SK Waller: I agree with you on the capchas. I am really struggling to read most of them.

    li'l Muppet-lhead: Yes it's a car elevator. It stacks the cars and then you bring it to ground level to get yours. It is easy to use but hard to park in.

  11. If I had to park a car in a car park like this one, I might very well give up driving. That looks like a right proper nightmare. I'm absolutely certain that someone would have to leave a note on my windshield to let me know what I was doing was moronically stupid.

  12. You know what mate, I re read my blog loosly and discovered I have the same problem... next I will be talking about steam from the kettle! hahahahahaha

  13. I just finished staring at the walls for 10 mins which was the most exciting thing I've done today. Trust me, your life if a wonder to such as myself. BUT in 8 days Pam and I will be exploring Queenstown, New Zealand, so we'll trump you there, for a week anyway. Then we'll be boring people stupid with our endless talk about the trip. Can't wait.

  14. Tobyzwebsite: Thanks

    SymbioticLife: It takes practice - I have lots of dents to show for it.

    Simon: I hope we don't get to that.

    Sandy: I will look for scintillating reports