Friday, February 3, 2012

Guess what's gone kaputt again?

Blue Mountains -Australia

I had a flu shot at the start of this winter so cannot understand what I got this week - but it was more than just a cold and is surely some form of grippe - and certainly took hold of me. 

I have spent the least few days in bed in a semi-comatose state and Cate has been bringing me the stuff I got from the Apotheke for her - but she did not use.

Anyway – it is called NeoCitran  - and  Rozalin recommended it – and it is basically a hot lemon drink and makes me feel better. That and lots of cold tablets and headache tablets and sleep and I am starting to feel better but I will not emerge much over the weekend.

One reason to stay in bed is that it has turned mighty cold outside – as I write this it is -°8 - and our air conditioning has celebrated this occasion by going kaputt!

This is its usual response to sudden changes in temperature. It is a delicate little petal and a butterfly fluttering its wings in Salzburg can affect the operation of our system.

We have four floor units in the lounge room – each about the size of a VW Beetle – and three started blowing only cold air. So I have turned these off and the one remaining unit left working is gasping out puffs of warm air in the manner of an asthmatic bear on a stairmaster.

The result of this is that the lounge room is being kept at a rather fresh °18 and is not the sort of place one wants to linger.

I have a call in to the people who maintain the death watch over the system and they will send someone who will tinker with it and will recommend some action. Cleaning the pipes or blowing the nodes or even shivering the timbers.

By the time this is done the moment will have passed – summer will be here and the system will be heating the apartment to a balmy °45. 


  1. Guess Answer: Before I read anything I am going to guess that the kaput-er is your HVAC system, now off to read your story ....

  2. Your heating not working?
    A sure sign that there is no god!
    I was just outside - diving into Vienna biggest Mülltonne, trying to retrieve a receipt tossed by mistake - and literally froze my ... fingers off. It is so cold, windchill must be -20°, at least that how it feels.
    The tulips I kept on the windowsill, placed between the in- and outside casements, simply dropped and died.
    We are firmly in the grip of a huge Siberian air mass. *help*

    I hope your heating comes back on soon!

  3. This is why I never get flu shots--and I haven't had the flu since 2005. Come to think of it, I never get colds, either, or anything else of that ilk. Hey, despite having two incurable diseases, I'm in great health!

    Now to you... So sorry you're feeling bad. You don't need all those pills, you need someone to make you a big pot of chicken soup. Electrolytes, Badger! If I were there, I'd make some and bring it over to you. Unfortunately, the kitchen is where my skills stop; I know nothing about heat and air systems. Feel better fast!

    WordVeri: VETRAM - the new transit system for vets only. Wear your too-tight uniforms as proof that you served.

  4. Well, I hate to say this, but there is an old saw that goes...

    It takes seven days to treat a cold with medicine and seven days without medicine. or some such variation.

    I did not take my flu shot this year and did not get a flu. I wonder if the two facts are linked. I am seriously touching wood at this moment just in case. This sometimes works as well as medicine.

  5. Does that thermo thing in the basement need to be set to winter?

    Get well again soon, Badger.

  6. Is "hot lemon drink" code for "Jameson Hot Toddy"?

  7. Europe is going through one of its coldest winter now. Take care.

    I thought you would stock up some wood to burn? Nobody carries the wood for you up to your apartment?

  8. esb: No contest really.

    Merisi: I think it will come back on as soon as the weather warms up.

    Garry: Yep could be true. But I think in my case I really had a mild dose of what Cate had so maybe the flu shot worked.

    nzm: Yeh that thing. I will ask the question.

    Smedette: You guessed it.

    I miss Macau: Yes we have the fire going. I have a young man who does the carrying for me.

    esb: we are indeed thanks

  9. I just saw the verb "Guess" in your title and followed its instructions. When I saw the word ""Again" I was pretty sure watt the problem was.