Sunday, February 5, 2012

Another one bites the dust

 On Saturday it hit -°12 in Vienna and our last functioning air conditioner celebrated this by switching to cold.

The lounge room plummeted to a frosty °16 so we keep fairly rugged up when we go there -  and we keep the fire blazing.

The cats have retreated to the bathrooms where the heated floors are on - and refuse even to lie in front of the fire because it is not warm enough.

But everything else in the apartment is working so we are not going to die of the cold. Yet.

According to the forecasts it is going to get colder so we anticipate that one by one the units around the rest of the apartment will shut down but if there is one thing we have plenty of it is winter gear – which we bought for Finland and Norway – so go ahead – do your worst.

I have some portable heaters in the basement that I can bring up for the cats and I am about to email Jules with an urgent request for his attendance at a firewood foraging session.

The ducks are of course now having a tough time and most of the Stadtpark duck pond is frozen over. I just bet they thought that they were going to get through this winter without any troubles and whammo!

It doesn’t seem to bother them much though.


  1. I was thinking about your situation and I chuckle while noting that you must take care, with a serious cold and cold, you could be in a bit of danger.

    Outside of that and minus the tragedy of this sort of winters on some people, I feel a certain dark sense of superiority you know. having grown up in the bush in Northern Canada without electricity or running water. I am an aboriginal canadian you see and -12 was teeshirt weather.

    I remember waiting for the bus and having to hit my trousers because they always froze into robot legs. it was so normal. When I had a choice though I moved to Mexico and find that I enjoy the absence of cold except in the summer when I can remember going to bed between cold sheets and waiting for the body heat to warm me up. wow.

  2. Goodness gracious, today I can imagine your pain. I forgot until I walked into my house that one of my furnaces died. It is only coldish in one room and cool in another, too bad those are the rooms we really use. I am also imagining it may be difficult to sell a house with a dead furnace.

    On a happier note I will go down to the lake and see if I can take a duck butt picture. Sometimes all the ducks have their heads underwater and it is quite hilarious.

  3. In this cold weather, I think the ducks will just have to suck it up.

  4. maybe this is a good time to pack up and take up residence in the sacher temporarily until further notice?

  5. I don't envy you the cold over there. I love the heat of Queensland. I thought ducks flew south for the winter... are they 'special' ducks? Don't show them the duck photo on my blog then, they'l be so jealous.

  6. global cooling mate, global cooling

  7. Garry: We actually like the cold - just not in the lounge room. But we will survive there are many worse off than us.

    fmcgmccllc: Ah I am glad to see you are home - even to a dead furnace. Good luck with the ducks.

    I miss Macau: I have checked on them and they seem to be fine. There are people feeding them every day.

    TNDW: WE can take up residence in our studies - they are warm upstairs - only the lounge room is cold. So no need for the Sacher yet.

    Sandy: I have often wondered that. I think we get more ducks in winter so some must come south from Siberia.

    Simon: It is not going to get any better.

  8. Siberian ducks? LOL!