Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Whatever happened to just going out and buying a cat?

Muffin seems to have settled down after our trip away. She was a bit loopier than usual when we got back – and that is very loopy indeed.

We have shown her pictures of Moni and the babies but she is non committal about the impending adoptions.

Of course we still have to be inspected by the current owner to make sure we are suitable and we may require written references. She is going to inspect us and also our apartment – we will need to be on our best behaviour.

Whatever happened to just going out and buying a cat?

I will also have to try out the net which goes on the terrace to stop the cats from jumping off. Cate just can’t wait to see what this looks like.

I am using a new Dry Cleaner – which seems to be both cheaper and slower. When I dropped in the things on Monday morning they told me to come back on Thursday. Clearly they also send their things to be cleaned in Budapest, but unlike the other mob, they do not send them first class on Austrian Airlines.

After two weeks with the flu I am finally starting to feel better today. Thanks for all the cards and flowers – you have been great.


  1. What about the father? There must be oodles of forms for you to get him to fill in to agree to the adoption of his offspring. Surely you will need to check him out, to reassure yourself you are not adopting a psychopath. You can't rely totally on the genes of a pretty looking young, single mother...

    PS: Glad Cate will be home to celebrate next week's event, to which we will raise a glass at the appropriate time.

  2. I'd do the same thing if I was breeding an animal...too much abuse goes on.

  3. Well the father is a problem because Moni was found abandoned by the roadside. However, as it is unlikely that Moni could be madder than Muffin we should be OK.

    So would we K - it's just that we are so clearly suitable to be cat owners we feel a bit...well..affronted.