Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lunatic of the Month Award

There were some moments of great excitement last night when I rendered the OzCon website totally useless. It took me a sweaty 30 minutes to get it going again.

There are still some bits that are not quite right but at least people can use it while I figure out how to fix it.

The software I bought (and for which I paid twice) looks OK but it will take some getting used to so I need to go slowly.

Theoretically the software converts everything from and to html but in practice it often does not always do it all – so manual intervention is required – usually with unfortunate consequences.

The problem with stuff like this is that you only have to make a very small coding error and everything goes wobbly – or disappears.

I have changed all the lights that were not functioning and have taken the ladder to its new home in the basement. I am dreading the day when one of the really high lights goes out.

Apart from the fact that I have to carry the ladder up 6 flights of stairs I am not looking forward to scaling the heights necessary to reach the lights.

The problem with the ceiling is not only that some parts are so high – but that others are very low. In the kitchen – for example – the ceiling slopes so that near the large storage cupboard it is only about 5 feet high. This means that I keep crashing into it when I go to this cupboard. This leaves marks on both the ceiling and my head.

We are going to visit Moni and the Kätzchen on Friday – this is the first time we will have seen them. Rozalin is going with us to commence the negotiations for the release date. It is proving harder to get these cats than to get a terrorist out of Gitmo.

We hope to have them by mid June so that we can bed them in before we go away. We hope that Gretchen will be able to stay in the apartment to look after them – and if not we need to find another resident cat minder.

Gretchen is apparently not as young as I thought she was and is in fact going to university. She doesn’t drink coffee so may be a little bit suspect but I am prepared to overlook this. We have made her an offer and she is thinking about it.

You will have noticed that the moving pictures of ducks have not yet materialised. This is simply because I have not had time to take the pictures and then work out how to use the software to edit them and load them onto the website.

My days are absolutely crushing and it is often hard work to cram in coffee, lunch, coffee a bicycle ride and an afternoon nap. In fact I haven’t been for a bike ride for a week or so – I missed the last couple of days because it is simply too hot.

I know it is not quite the end of the month but I can safely make my “Lunatic of the Month Award”.

There were a couple of right wing Austrian politicians in the running early but they were blown away by an old favourite.

The winner is Kim Jong Il of the Democratic Republic of Loopy Land. In fact it is hard to see anyone beating him for the Annual Award for 2009.

Of course if he declares war on South Korea he gets to keep the trophy forever.


  1. My brother and I were arguing about where Kim Jong Il of Loopy land comes on our list of the Top Ten Contenders likely to be the Antichrist. He placed him at number 6, but I argued that I thought Nathan Rees should stay there for taking not one, but TWO public holidays off New South Welshmen this year!

  2. Regular reader, first time poster.

    My partner (who is himself ridiculously tall) suggests that cutting a tennis ball in half and attaching it to the end of a broomstick, often works for changing lightgobes that are out of reach. As it's difficult to picture him being unable to reach anything, I can't imagine how he knows. So I take no responsibility for the suggestion.

    It's as if Kim Jong Il watched the caricature of himself in "Team America: World Police" and decided to actually become the character.

  3. Well - we have lots of public holidays here but I agree that any NSW Welshman who takes a holiday away deserves to be on the list. (Perhaps he came from Victoria?).

    As for the light globes - unfortunately they cannot be unscrewed - they are in their own little cocoons that have to be first taken out of the housing and them unhooked. It can (I really regret to say) only be done from close quarters. However - if your partner is by an chance coming to Vienna......