Tuesday, May 19, 2009

No Baby Ducks again today

Not much to report to day – I have been a bit too stretched to put much thought into a Blog. I really do need an assistant – Muffin is no help at all.

We may be getting Moni and the kitten early and Henry Kissinger is negotiating with the Cat Owner now. We will have to provide a bond and references but any blind person who can get a driving licence is not going to be bothered with faking that sort of stuff.

I kept my handyman sprit alive today by doing some painting and some grouting. A few weeks ago I installed a shelf in the laundry as there was nowhere to store all the stuff that one has in a laundry. Today I painted that shelf.

I also re-grouted my shower as it was in a state of considerable disrepair.

I could have asked the building maintenance people to do these things but life is too short and I would not have been able to cope with the barrage of calls in German from workman and their helpers.

Yesterday the air coolers were to be delivered - but they had the wrong address.

Had the wrong address?

Today the address I gave them initially apparently worked OK (maybe my address doesn’t work on Mondays?) so the coolers arrived at about 8.30.

They have been installed and work very well. My remote control thingy doesn’t work but what the hell.

Of course they look awful and Cate will hate them – but we will not be as hot as we were last summer and that must count for something.

On her recent travels Cate bought me a new Passport holder. It is made by Mont Blanc so comes with a Service Guide. I have to take it in for a service every six months but for an extra fee they will send out a technician. They will probably also send it birthday cards.

I still haven’t received my BIPA card and had to buy some stuff today – so Frau Almhupfer has yet more points. I hope she uses these wisely.

Today was to be as baby duck photography day but I got caught up with handyman stuff, housekeeping and shopping. At this rate the little blighters will be teenagers before I get to them.

I will make a big effort tomorrow.


  1. Yes please.. the duckling are cute and I need to see some photos of them here!.. I have been busy being a semi pro hausfrau.. not hard and really I am quite bored but by the middle of June I will be quite busy!

  2. you know so frau almhupfer does not get all your points you ought to use some of them to get one of the special rebates they always have for x number of points.... this way yours will not all go to waste.
    hopefully the card will arrive soon, but count on it taking at least 3 weeks, they are incredibly slow and with all the bank holidays we currently have...

    am glad the aircoolers work :o)