Monday, May 18, 2009

Corpses in Aspic

Many thanks to those who sent Birthday Greetings.

I went to Naschmarkt today to buy Voodoo dolls and pins for those of you who didn’t. If you feel sharp pains in your miserable little bodies you will know who is causing it.

Melissa is on her way back to Paris and to Merlin and Henri. She will be coming to Wien again early in June when Cate goes on her next major trip and tries to do three countries in 6 days.

Rozalin organised a Knees Up at Szigeti’s ( in Schleifmuhlgasse - with her friend Lorelei. This started at 4:00 when we met near Naschmarkt to buy meat, cheese, bread and olives - and was supposed to go for an hour or so as the place usually closes early.

Well this night it didn’t so we got home rather late after sampling a number of bottles of Sekt – which is delightful – and not expensive at all by Wien standards. The Gruner Veltliner was the favourite.

Melissa and I went to see the Crypt in Michaeler Kirche in the Innere Stadt but failed once again to get the timing right. We finally established that when the sign says that Crypt Open 11.00 -1.30 it means not from 11.00 to 1.30 but that tours take place at those times.

So it is on our list for June and we are looking forward to it because there are apparently some decayed corpses which can be viewed and these will make Melissa’s day. I suppose and hope that they are under glass or in aspic.

Melissa and I went to the Central Cemetery (Zentralfriedhof) in Simmering. It is a very interesting place – and the old parts are very Gothic. It was raining so we did not see any cats (or bees) but will go there again when it is sunny. I have some pics which I will post soon.

Café Schwarzenburg – a beautiful old café on the Ring - is one of the few places which has gone entirely smoke free indoors so not only is it very pleasant to be in – it is also usually deserted inside. Outside of course outside it is packed to the gunwales.

Melissa and I went their twice and we will continue to patronise it until they change back to smoking.

The new Cat Minders just called to introduce themselves. Gunter is the owner of the business and Gretchen is the minder who will call to look after Muffin.

Gretchen appears to be entirely suitable – if very young – so I have entrusted her with Muffin’s safety for the Krakow weekend.

If have asked Gretchen if she is allowed to travel on the U-Bahn without an adult and she has assured me that she can – and she carries a note from her mother. I have put a milk crate it the lobby so she can stand on this to get the key in the door.

The Krakow extravaganza commences on Thursday which is a Feiertag in Austria. We plan on starting early for the drive to Krakow – and for us means that we will try to stagger out of the apartment by 11.00.


  1. I love Café Schwarzenburg. It's across from the hotel we stayed in while filming in 2005. Lovely cafe. Good service!

    I'm not sure I want to see pictures of corpses, but I'll trust you...

  2. I'm interested in the opening times advertised by Café Schwarzenburg. It opens late on Saturday, not Sunday mornings. I guess that's due to the very late Friday nights spent nightclubbing and getting barred at the end of the working week. As the breakfast menu is served until midday, is there any chance that you and Cate might get there in time for Frühstück one day?

    Quick technical suggestion: Can you please get your links to open in a new window? I had a good look around the Café's website and had to back up many times to return to your blog!

    PS: Yappy dog people have been replaced by seemingly nice couple with four month old spoodle cross (spaniel + poodle + I can't remember what new owners said). Not a bark heard as yet. Will maintain watching brief and report.

  3. Steph - was this the hotel that Adolf Hitler stayed in? (you remember him?).

    Annie - don't know quite what you mean - don't you adjust your own browser settings to do this? I have the option to open a new page in a new window (Windows Explorer.
    More info required!

  4. You use explorer? ewww enjoy the spyware!

  5. I also McAfee Pro and Lavasoft Pro with Ad-Aware and Ad-Watch so have no problems with spyware at all - mr turn up your nose at explorer users.

  6. I have no idea! We stayed at Hotel am Schubertring. Nice staff, comfortable rooms, and a nice little American bar.

    If Hitler had stayed there, I'm sure our director, Larry Weinstein, would have known.

  7. I think he stayed at the Hotel Imperial but will check on this.

    Is Larry related to Harvey?

    I see that your are very famous indeed and appear in IMDB!

  8. They're all related somehow and they're all in film, except for the plastic suregeon whose name also happens to be Larry Weinstein. There must be millions of Weinsteins in film, judging from the end credits I read., yeah.