Thursday, January 29, 2009

Liz and Darryl will get the Singing Sausage

Well I had to trudge down to Alt Wien in the blinding snow – which funnily enough blew into my face both coming and going.

But bought 2 kilos of Caruso so we are safe for a while now.

However, despite the snow it is quite warm outside – (+1 when I went out) – which is quite comfortable provided you are dressed like an Inuit – which I was – including the scarf wrapped around the nose.

It’s the seal fat that really keeps me warm but it is the very devil to get off under the shower. (And it's hard to get seals in Wien).

I spoke to Kerry-Ann today and she said it was +42 in Sydney on the weekend. Now that is hot.

Up until a couple of weeks ago I had one oven glove – which made handling things a bit tricky. But Cate’s mother came to the rescue and sent a package of two singles and one double.

They are black because Liz said that Cate would not like the Rooster Appliquéd gloves. Cate? What’s Cate got to do with it – I am the Chef in this house – as well as being the overall Schlepmeister.

I was so enthusiastic with my thanks to Joanie that she is sending more. Together with the two that I bought as an interim measure that will make 9 oven gloves.

I have decided to give Liz and Darryl the glove I bought with the singing sausages on it. I can’t remember the colour scheme of their new kitchen but I am sure it will be perfect.

I had to go to see Dr Begelmeier to get another script (which is called a Rezept – which means prescription or recipe).

It is a wonderful system. Frau Begelmeier is the assistant and actually writes out the scripts. It is difficult to get to see the Dr unless you have just been badly mauled by an Igel in Neulingasse - and this rarely happens these days.

One person did get in – with some difficulty – probably because Frau Begelmeier thought she was going to expire on the reception area carpet. She was quite the sickest looking young woman I have ever seen and coughed and sneezed for a good 10 minutes before Frau B had had enough and frog marched her into the surgery.

I sincerely hope that I do not get from her what she had because I suspect you need to be young and resilient to survive something like that.

I am going to stay in bed for a few days to see what happens. I will practice my German watching SpongeBob SquarePants.

I woke up with a terrible headache today – I think Muffin is sitting on my head when I am asleep and cutting off my air supply. She is clearly unhappy that I have not yet bought the new litter.

However, Rozalin has come up with a viable alternative to the crushed owls and Muffin has looked at the video and seems keen. If you would like to watch it the link is

Let me know what you think.


  1. After seeing that, our cat is telling me that we have to move to Wien now, and not California. "It's the SmartPack or nothing!"

  2. I think you should wait until I test it. I am not convinced that it does what it is supposed to do (cynic that I am) - and if Muffin rolls in it like the cat in the video - then it's definitely not going to happen.

  3. the extra saugstarkes Mikro-Vlies are are must. you just don't get that "ready to roll in" feel from regular suagstarkes mikro-vlies.