Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Do ducks like Rogan Josh?

A Parking Thingy

Rozalin is searching for a parking thingy. The purpose of this is to enable us to park in exactly the right spot to avoid any unfortunate incidents – such as the tearing off of vital pieces of the car while the ramp is in motion. This has happened before - as reported in this blog.

What is supposed to happen is that you put it in the right spot then each time you park you can just drive forward until the wheels rest against the thingy and you know you are parked properly. This doesn’t help with the sides so I may have to get a mattress and tie it to the rails.

The proximity alarms work to some degree but we have to park so close that they shriek at us and we panic. Thanks goodness they don’t shout in German.

Rozalin has sent a picture of a thingy to the manufacturers of the parking hoists – who also have their names on the thingies being used by the other drivers – so we hope for a result soon. To find the name of the thingy makers I picked one up to have a closer look. I hope I put it back in the right spot - and will listen for grinding and crunching noises later.

I went to have another look at the ducks today and they look quite relaxed. I don’t understand why a duck can be quite comfortable when it is 25 degrees and also quite comfortable when it is minus 4 degrees. Do they grow extra feathers in winter?

Tomorrow the forecast is for minus 10. I will go over and have another look at them because (as you can tell) I am quite concerned. We have some Rogan Josh left over from a recent batch so I may heat it up and mix it with some rice and take it over for them so that they have a decent feed instead of the bread and other muck that the old ladies give them.

I went to Wein and Co to get some supplies as they have a 20% off everything sale. I bought a mix of three dozen whites which should keep Cate going until the end of next week – depending upon how stressful it is.

Anyone who says that you can’t get enough nourishment to survive from white wine, peanuts and chocolate should live with Cate when she is under pressure.

Cate said last night ‘what I’d really like is a job that pays me a lot of money for doing almost nothing’ to which I responded ‘I’ve got one’.

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