Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cate is a bit Glum

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It’s snowing reasonably heavily today and Muffin has decided that she does not really like snow. She went for her usual voyage of discovery on the terrace this morning and lasted less than 5 seconds – but left a nice little circle of paw prints in the snow.

We went to check on the ducks before dark (i.e. about 3:00 PM) and they still have some pond left - but not much. The ice is very thick and can be walked on out to the edge. The duck feeding lady was there when we were there and they were having a fine time.

I looked at the Indochine 21 website and discovered why the Gruner Veltliner was so gorgeous – it is about €90 per bottle. I don’t think we will be buying that one from Wein and Co.

The Christmas tree has been dismantled and the decorations including owls, bears and igels have been wrapped up and put away in the basement. I chopped up the tree and we burned some of it in the fire. It makes a very satisfying popping, crackling noise.

Cate is back to work tomorrow so is quite glum today. Still we have had a nice break and there was actually one whole day when she did not look at her BlackBerry. She was of course in a fine state by the end of the day and was itching all over.


  1. Blow it! Just lost my comment. Not entirely happy with new system!

    Glad I was seated inside when I converted 90 euros into Aussie dollars! How much mark up do they put on wines? Now I know why you're always talking about empty wallets and maxed-out credit cards!

    Poor Muffin! No furry friends to share her distaste of snow.

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  3. I don't think the mark up is any higher than in Australia - it was just a very expensive (and very delicious) white wine - which does not appear to be available for sale anyplace I can find. The 2007 Loibner GV is in the shops for about €50.

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