Monday, November 9, 2015

Look they are just so dumb

Well Georgia finally got the courage to go to the puzzle – and solved it in about 10 seconds. We tried the second round – which is much harder – and she also did that in about 10 seconds.

Relief all around really. We have a gifted dog on our hands. Or at least a dog that is not stupid.

But of course the puzzle - which cost us $35 – is now useless. It only does one thing so there is no point in asking her to do it again.

But another thing is that today Cate saw Monika go out thru the cat door onto the balcony. This means that she has mastered both out and in – rather than just in as I thought.

I had suspected this because I am sure I had seen her on the balcony when I was working in the garden – but Cate convinced me that my eyes were deceiving me.

This shows such terrific progress that she may now run in the Republican presidential primaries.

This weekend we went to Madison Indiana - which is such a lovely town that it blew our socks off.  It has been brilliantly preserved and the main street is just 19th and early 20th century. There are squillions of old houses that have been preserved and they look just wonderful. We have decided that we would like to live there. It is just a matter of getting Ducky Pharma to move their head office.

We took Georgia and she had a fine time and sniffed the town from head to toe. 

I finally could not stand the never ending uploading of Photos to the iCloud so I have turned the fecking thing off. The whole thing was pointless and was aggravating me almost as much as Carly Fiorina. At least Photos does not lie to me.

Two people in Indiana ordered Chinese food to be delivered so that they could kill the deliverer and steal his money. They used their own cell phone to make the call. Four people were shot last night and two died – because of a fight over a card game.

The jails in the USA are full of the stupidest people in the universe.


  1. Cate could commute, it looks like it is only a 100 miles from Madison to Indianapolis.

    Perhaps those criminals watched too many episodes of Fargo. Last night's episode was about the deadliest in body count per minute, well, maybe for this season. The episode "Who Shaves The Barber?" was probaly the most.

  2. Look I really must have a look at Fargo.

    1. I noticed that Fargo season one is supposedly available on Hulu. It is on couchtuner but it is kind of tricky to use.

  3. So good to hear about your "Suddenly Gifted" pets! :-)

    You could hide the puzzle pieces and teach Georgia how to look for them. Just make sure to make it not too easy.