Tuesday, November 3, 2015

I just love winter

She now sleeps in the cat's bed
I saw my real doctor last Friday and he told me what was wrong with me (I forget what he said) and told me that I had been given the wrong medication by the minute clinic.

He said the minute clinics are not very good if you are really sick -which is well and good but he is very difficult to see – and you can never see him on the same day as you call. Once I was offered an appointment two weeks out.

He has now given me some new drugs and has promised that they will fix me and they are working – so this  week I am finally able to start jumping about again and catching up on all my chores. I have lots to do.

I bought a whole bunch of treats for Halloween and put them on the front porch. I was upstairs in the bedroom five minutes later when I heard a car door slam so I looked out the window.

A big car with about eight small children in it had pulled up – they all descended on the front porch and emptied the bowl of treats. Then they drove off into then night. I won’t be doing that again.

I watched the debate last Wednesday night and it was a complete shemozzle. The moderators were just awful and asked some of the most fatuous questions I have ever heard. The participants all said that they were unfairly treated and bullied and they are just not going to do that again.

As President Obama said yesterday – all these people say how tough they will be with Putin – but they are afraid of CNBC commentators.

The participants all lied their pants off but Carly Fiorina was the standout. It was a bravura performance and she has now won my ‘Liar of the Debate’ award for the third time. If she wins next time she gets to keep the trophy.

Ben Carson is now in front. He is the scariest of them all because I have no doubt that there is a kangaroo or two loose in the top paddock. You know - like there is a light on in the attic but no one is home.

My iCloud photo library has decided that it is going to load all my 28,000 photos into the cloud – again. I can not find anyway to stop it. At the current rate it will take about 3 months. Then I will have at least 28,000 duplicates in the cloud. I can delete these only manually – so now I know what I can during the long winter days.

The birds have come back and I am seeing Northern Cardinals for the first time in a while. I mowed my lawn for the last time this fall – I am now waiting for the leaves to drop from our large tree so I can rake all these up. Georgia will have immense fun with these.

I just love winter!


  1. How do you know it is the last mowing? I never know and just depend on the landscaping company to stop at the right time. Now I must go stomp around and check the grass in the neighborhood.

  2. Come now, we are all friends here, you can finally admit you are an android and all they did was change your batteries, or was it a bad capacitor or stuck relay? I am glad you are doing better.

    We spent time with the granddaughter and got back home today. Cooper had a very good time with his caretaker getting to spend several hours outdoors.

  3. fmc: Look I just have that feeling - and the people who do the lawn next door have not come for weeks.

    esb: I think my plugs needed cleaning. I saw a bit of the world series but am not really into baseball.

  4. There was another "debate"?

    We had almost two dozen little goblins roam the apartment building on All Hallow's Eve. Cute ones, with homemade costumes. At first, I gave out candy by the handful, but after about a dozen revellers I started getting worried and limited them to two each. Sheer luck that the last three that appeared at my door still found one for each of them in the basket. I quite enjoyed the fun they were having.
    I can't believe you left the candy basket on the porch. Next time, put a note on the door to tell them when you'll be back to distribute candy.

  5. Merisi: I am new at this Halloween stuff. Next year I will just and it out - one Mand M to each person.