Wednesday, November 11, 2015

It would run for years

The local police and council excelled themselves today. Because of Veterans Day they closed off all the side streets leading into Delaware street.

Then they closed off Delaware street – three lanes out of four – removed a person hole cover in the road – and sat around smoking and laughing at the motorists who took an hour to drive one block and had no way to escape.

Fabulous stuff – equal in its scope to the annual ant census in Vienna – although not quite as creative.

We have a recycling bin. We have to pay for this as recycling is not big in Indianapolis but we do this because we cannot bear the thought of all those wine bottles going into landfill. 

Our bin has one wheel. It had two but someone stole one. Which is fair enough – anyone in this area knows that if you leave something outside it will be stolen.

This includes bikes, barbecues, lawn mowers (these are especially prized), porch furniture, garden furniture and hoses. It would be better if they had stolen both wheels because the bin is now lopsided.

If you don’t leave anything outside then the thieves will break into your garage to steal things. Best to leave something on your front porch each night to save the hassle of getting the garage door fixed.

Nightly routine – let the dog outside to do dog things - check that the windows and doors are locked – make sure the coffee machine is ready to go for the morning heart starter – leave something on the porch for the thieves.

The last debate was very boring. It was hosted by Fox so no one was ever going to be asked anything hard to answer. Like is the world more than 6,000 years old – or was President Obama born in the USA.

Carly Fiorina won the lying competition – yes again! This woman is unbeatable.

But the whole thing is becoming quite bizarre. Commentators – other than Fox ones – are now treating Trump and Carson as though they are not demented. This is a sinister turn of events.

This whole thing should go on Broadway – it would run for years.


  1. I think Trump is showing his intelligence by asking people to boycott Starbucks.

  2. Scary stuff! (I refer to the debate, but the comment could apply to the to the leave-things-outside-for-people-to-steal idea). In this morning's paper the commentators say that Trump, Kasich and Bush were the losers - Fiorina was in the 'winners' list!. More fun than a barrel of monkeys! I wish our election campaigns lasted as long; it's much more entertaining than the debate over changing our flag. Groan.

  3. esbboston: I think that will work about as well as deporting 11 million people.

    Alexia: It is indeed immense fun and I just love it. I suspect it will boil down to Bush and Rubio because they cannot win without the Latino vote.

  4. No kidding, another debate amongst those "outside the beltway" people?