Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I was going to have a rant

I was going to have a really good rant about things in general but particularly about journalists and politicians. We are talking about a country where two honking lunatics lead the polls for the nomination for president.

But I will just be wearing myself to a frazzle so I will not bother. And no one cares.

I have been thinking about getting old lately. Well - older actually because I am already oldish.

Because I read a lot on the internet I come across many interesting sites such as ‘celebrities who have aged badly’ or ‘child stars who grew up ugly’.

Now I must admit that some of the child stars did not grow up to be beautiful by any standards - but they are all God’s children so we must make allowances.

He does – after all – have a lot on his mind – so cannot spend to much time worrying about the looks of individuals. Having said that – he sure took his eye off the ball with some of them. But who am I to talk.

But speaking of celebrities getting old – well everyone gets old but - if you were at some stage a good looking celebrity - you are fair game for the internet.

These internet people will show a picture of you at your brightest and finest – and then will show a picture of you as a ravaged hairless husk lurking in the fruit section of a supermarket.

You look like an emaciated musk rat with consumption – but it was early in the morning and you had run out of Kale and Quinoa so had to pop out before doing your makeup.

So now everyone has a camera in their phone and 600 pictures of you appear on social media within the next five minutes.

But most of the celebrities don’t look much worse than I do. Sure there are some exceptions. Goldie Hawn – for example – looks like a sun dried tomato – but I really think that people should be allowed to get old without having to see their pictures everywhere.

In my case I occasionally see my face in the mirror and have a quick shudder – but I don’t have to worry about appearing on the internet.


  1. Your home is old, and it's beautiful! By the way, I'm oldish and I'm loving it... as long as people keep their phones out of my face.

  2. Ranting is probably a symptom of oldity, anyway, and I enjoyed your un-rant. I'm oldish, and was never beautiful, so getting older doesn't bother me much.

    Your house is really lovely.

  3. I look older than I need to simply by being too lazy to shave so I have grey in my beard. After a few weeks to a month I will get tired of it and stay clean shaven for a while but then I slip back into a Santa Claus mode. I just need to learn to say HoHoHo and buy some reindeer. I feel old but I just keep learning new things, trying new things. Life is so serendip. I find myself forgetting names more, but I compensate by recording more info in my Notes on iPhone. Plus I can see how wonderful my mom is doing on into her 80's by simply staying super active. Plus I am having fun getting into brewing beer, all totally within 2015, a brand new thing that inspires the chemist in me. I get to have a little factory! Plus I have started baking more with the bierox and I plan to get a KitchenAid mixer, so I am happy about that. I just wish the grandchild was closer. Last night at the diner some of the other customers were teasingly jealous because I had been somewhat absent AND they hadn't got their share of my bierox donations, so that was hilarious. It is bizarre to me that it seems the older I get I am suddenly getting several new friends, and now I am delighted that my favorite lawyer buddy is running for a local judge spot, so I am going to start printing some things for her. She just happens to be running against someone I despise.

  4. SK Waller: Yes I also love where I am in life. More content that I have ever been.

    Alexia: I was always a ranter - and also never good looking. In fact I may be at my best right now.

    esbboston: Ernest you are an amazing man. You always surprise me with what your doing - which is always something different. I think I should run for a judge spot here. I know some people that should be in jail.

  5. Your blog persona always gives me a chuckle.
    Somehow it feels like the spice of the real mensch you are in person. Love you and Cate!