Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I will not mention the dog poo

I am alive and in Paris at the Hotel Rocroy - which is close to where Molly lives. Cate is in Florence today and gets back tonight. Then she flies to Amsterdam and then to Frankfurt.

I am planning my departure on a United flight on Friday and will pick up Georgia on Saturday. I imagine by now that she has forgotten me and will hide behind Michelle’s legs.

Some time ago in America my friend John gave me a cold and this blossomed when we started cycling in Germany and got cold and wet. Consequently I spent two days in bed on the boat and have so far not recovered. I have slept most of the time since we got to Paris and am only now emerging from the woolly fug which I have inhabited for three weeks.

But the cycling was the  best we have ever done and we enjoyed it immensely. We were on the boat with 16 Americans who cycled together with a guide. We did a self guided tour and had lots of coffee and beer stops.

The Americans included a man we called the Sergeant Major. He was ex-army and just loved to try and organize everyone. On the second night he announced that the women would sit on one side of the dining room and the men on the other.

When Cate went to sit down he told her that she was on the other side. She said I don’t think so and sat down. I explained to him that Cate did not take instruction and from then on he sulked and organized everyone else.

He got the Americans to do everything except eat naked with feathers stuck in their bottoms but we just sat together quietly and had enormous fun. 

I had forgotten two things about Paris. First that there is such a phantasmagorical array of food and cheese - and that every person and their dog smokes. 

I have been coming to Paris for 35 years - sometimes twice a year -   but I still forget this. 

I will not mention the dog poo.


  1. I am glad you are alive even if sick. I bet that Georgia hasn't forgot you and will be eXcited to see you. Cooper didn't become my dog until age 6 months. Before that he lived an hour away with my son. But he would get so eXcited every time he saw me that we would have to be sure to first meet outside because he would urinate from being happy. Luckily he outgrew this behavior.

  2. One would think when the pooches pick up their butts they would pick up their poo. Who knew.

  3. esb: Georgia has not acquired that habit - but I will keep an eye on her.

    fmc: It is very French to have your dog shit on the pavement.

  4. esb: Not as glad as she should have been - but she is better now.