Sunday, October 25, 2015

Welcome to the White House Madam President

I arrived back home at about 12:30 AM on Friday. This was only 5 hours later than planned – but we are talking about airlines which use a different time zone – a bit like EST – it is called FUT.

My flight was 2 hours late leaving Paris so I missed my connection to Indianapolis – not by much – just about 10 minutes – and had to wait 5 hours for the next one.  So my total travel time was about 19 hours.

I spent my time reading about the Benghazi Inquisition and thoroughly enjoyed every morsel. I had watched most of it live and thought it tremendous theater. I will be sad when they finally wrap it up in November next year.

So I collected Georgia on Saturday morning and she was very pleased to see me – but does miss the family she was with for a month. However she is very pleased to sleep on the bed with me and I am sure will be just fine. I don’t think the cats are pleased to see her.

My cold has progressed nicely and is now bronchitis and  a few other things that I cannot remember. I saw the nurse at the 'minute clinic’ at CVS and he subscribed some antibiotics which I am shoveling in at the moment. They call it the ‘minute clinic’ because the average waiting time is an hour.

I had to venture out again this morning to get cough medicine because my spasmodic coughing fits now last for an hour at a time and keep Georgia and the cats awake.

Cate is beetling about in a place called Leiden in the Netherlands – no  don’t know why – and has just been for a long walk along the canals. Next I think she is going to Germany - and will be home next Saturday.

Australia beat Argentina in the Rugby world cup semi-final and will now by walloped and pummeled into oblivion by the All Blacks in the final. I am used to this sort of thing because I am a Colts supporter.

Carson has overtaken Trump in the polls in Iowa. Yes this is the batshit crazy Carson who is a creationist, a homophobe, believes that men go into prison straight and come out gay, thinks that the holocaust was caused by gun laws, is a climate change denier – and thinks that the scientists were sent by Satan. Holy snapping duck doo doo – he is madder than Trump.

It does not get any better than this. 

Welcome to the White House Madam President.


  1. I am suspicious of the CVS minute clinic. Welcome back.

  2. I only go there if I know what is wrong with me and can get the drugs I know I need.