Monday, May 11, 2015

Badger has always been envious

Traeger Lil' Pig
Now just as I was being mesmerized by the Texans – one of our very own comes out and tries to top them with his own particular brand of hare-brained theories.

Maurice Newman – former Chair of the ABC, former Chair of the Stock Exchange – former Chancellor of Macquarie University and currently Chair of the Prime Minister’s Business Advisory Group said:

“We have been subjected to extravagance from climate catastrophists for close to 50 years. This is not about facts or logic. It’s about a new world order under the control of the UN. It is opposed to capitalism and freedom and has made environmental catastrophism a household topic to achieve its objective.”

New world order?

But what really can you expect from someone who works for a Prime Minister who most famously said ‘Climate change is crap’ and has in his Cabinet at least one Creationist.

But – more importantly – we have just had our first Tornado warning of the season. I get a warning on my phone and these grow in scale until I am told to flee to the basement. This has not happened yet – but I am poised to hurtle downstairs with a cat under each arm. There are plenty of supplies in the basement and I can last for days. Importantly – there is chocolate in the fridge.

On Thursday we are going to Denver for a long weekend. This is to celebrate Badger’s birthday on Saturday. This is a very special occasion and Badger is thinking of getting a Traeger wood pellet grill so that he can smoke meat properly.  Lenny has one of these and Badger has always been envious.


  1. Start doing drills with your cats RIGHT NOW! ;-)

  2. Happy Birthday! I haven't been to Denver in about 6 years, I was passing through. Before that I had found the Ethiopian section of town, tried their food. We seem to be avoiding tornados for many years while Oklahoma has plenty. Perhaps its our elevation (>3000) ?

  3. Happy Birthday. Love the pig.

  4. Happy Birthday! I wish I still lived in Denver so that I could buy you drinks in Lodo!

  5. Merisi: Oh yes the cats know what they have to do - but they will hide under the bed and I will have to extract them.

    esb: You are probably like us and just of the edge of Tornado Alley.

    fmcgmccllc: Thanks

    SK Waller: My you have been around. We should cjheck out Lodo.

  6. So you are west of me again, Denvering today.