Friday, May 22, 2015

As crook as Rookwood

I have just been laid low by a bad cold and have been as crook as Rookwood. Cate got it from one of her staff – and then she gave it to me. She has told him how unhappy I am.  

Yesterday Javier and Joe came to connect the fountain. This required them to dig and get power under the back path. They dug for most of the day and then gave up. There are too many rocks in the garden. They have gone away to think of another solution.

On Tuesday I was mowing the lawn and two men came along the street. One had a notebook and the other had a large camera on his shoulder. The notebook man said he was from a TV station and  started to interview me about high weeds. I said I had many broad leafed weeds – and I showed him some.

But he was only really interested in highs weed and questioned me about their whereabouts and the state of the neighborhood in general. I said I really did not know about high weeds so we left it at that.

Yesterday I saw a man in the back garden talking to Javier and Joe. I asked him who he was and he said he was William Niles Wishard III. Our house is called Wishard Mansion because his grandfather – William Niles Wishard - lived here from 1907-1941.

He lives in Malibu and comes here every year for the Indy 500. He has some photos of his father – William Niles Wishard II - being married in the house and is going to bring them next year.

Next I will tell you about the Stanley Hotel.


  1. It has been an amazing Spring. It rains here so often that it is difficult to find a sunny patch of time long enough to use a lawn mower. I haven't watered my grapes in 43 days. I saw we just got included in a flash flood alert from this evening through the neXt 24 hours.

    Is this your first mansion?

  2. You wish hard, you get a mansion. I'm impressed.

  3. About time, and you know too bad the guy did not ring the bell and chat. I bet that would have been fun.

    WTF are high weeds, too tall or too drugged up? Anyway my policy with the press, no comment or no speak English whichever works.

  4. esb: We are also having some good spring rain. Will your grapes get mould?

    Sandy: It is only a small mansion - but big enough for me to spend so much time cleaning.

    fmcgmccllc: I did not question too closely because I was not much interested. Your policy is correct.

    1. I don't think mould is a problem for my grapes, they seem to get blasted with enough sunshine. It will usually only rain for four or five days in a row then we get a few hours of sunlight. It has been a wild wet month. I inspect them quite often for critters. I did finally find some good vine pruning videos on YouTube.