Thursday, May 7, 2015

To them it is real

He's coming to get us
You think I make this stuff up don’t you – but it’s real. There are many bat-shit crazy people in the USA – but Texas just takes the biscuit.

So the story is that in a few months the US Army is holding a training exercise in Texas and surrounding states.

The lunatic fringe in Texas - including some barking mad conservative commentators - say that this is part of a secret plan to impose martial law, take away people’s guns, arrest political undesirables, launch an Obama-led hostile takeover of Texas – or do some combination of the above.

There are also stories that the government is building vast corridors beneath some disused Walmarts. Perhaps these will be used to house the prisoners or store the confiscated guns.

All normal so far – there are many dickwits out there who have immersed themselves in hordes of conspiracy theories which reach the far corners of paranoia and have made many people totally unhinged.

But then – the Texas Governor asked the Texas state guard to keep a close eye on the military exercises to ensure that it was not part of a vast government plot.

Well this confirmed to the nutters that the takeover was coming so the have all been buying ammunition and sharpening their pitchforks.

Now some conservative presidential candidates have weighed in. They have been careful not to confirm the Obama-led takeover but – pandering to the fruitcakes in their base – say that Texas must be careful of this untrustworthy President who tramples all over the constitution and is certainly capable of anything.

The sane people in Texas are doing their best to stop this madness from going on – but it is Texas – where they try to change school text books to include creationism.

Walmart has even issued a statement saying there is no digging going on under their disused stores.

I gaze in awe at these epic episodes of stupidity on a mass scale and really do wonder about the people whose brains are so badly discombobulated that to them – it’s real.


  1. Please use the term dickwit more often

  2. It is veRy entertaining to live in the middle of this. Meanwhile the more important thing is that we have a veRy wet Spring happening which has resulted in veRy happy grape vines but I have not seen any praying mantis just yet. I did visit a 'real' vineyard yesterday while making a floral delivery. They claim to have made 160 bottles of wine in a year but it looked more like a decoration for their bed and breakfast. I have been invited back to learn their trimming techniques. I did find it odd that they had a Fritch Texas address when they are actually closer Sanford. Perhaps they find Fritch a more appealing location label.

  3. Another reason for me to avoid the news.... How you must love this stuff Badger. Is it possible for dickwits to unite globally???

  4. lenny: I will have plenty of opportunities.

    esb: We are also having lots of rain which is making the flowers grow. Sadly it also makes the weeds grow.

    Sandy: It is a wonder to behold. Oh yes - there is Global Society of Dickwits.